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Fabulous Hats + Headgear

Fabulous Hats + Headgear

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Kimono and Haori Jackets

John Galliano


Christian Dior - John Galliano

Christian Dior


HEY, Writers! (doesnotloveyou)

Balinese headress



I love everything about this!

Attimi & Ricordi

Bohemian Tribal Fusion Persian Belly Dance Fantasy by MIMSYCROWNS, $145.00

Tayuu of Shimabara at the Hokyoji Doll Memorial Ceremony, #Kyoto by Lucinda Cowing for Kyoto Journal. #geisha

Dayu Geisha with gorgeous hairpin KANZASHI

T A Y U U Since medieval times Japan has always had some form of pleasure quarter offering various forms of entertainment, including, of course, the erotic. However, it was during the Edo period’s sakoku (1639-1854) when Japan cut off all ties with the outside world, that Japanese culture, as it is known today, flourished.

Oiran (花魁) - Oiran were the highest class of courtesans in Edo (now known as Tokyo). An oiran was valued not only for her beauty and charm, but also her wit, knowledge, and skill in traditional Japanese arts. Their dress often consisted of layers of ornate kimono and extremely elaborate hairstyles, with one distinguishing feature being an obi tied at the front of the body rather than at the back.

Oiran's hair style

natural beauty — harvestheart: Kyoto Doll

Anna Pavlova in Russian costume - 1911 - Courtesy of BFI ©

Vintage Magenta Pink Red Scarves Gold Rings Tall Plum Purple Fez Hat 30s 40s | eBay

Such a wonderfully cute 1950s Bes-Ben poodle hat. #hats #fashion #1950s #poodles #dogs

A gorgeous Bes-Ben 1940s swan hat (made using felt, silk floss, coated paper, and silk velvet trim). #vintage #1940s #hats #swans #fashion

hat (swan) | Indianapolis Museum of Art


Olga Baclanova and her awesome headdress