Ilo Thal-Anadon, master fire-hand.

This can relate to how Montag feels about not knowing about why they burn books and how it started; he feels very bothered and wants answers. It can also be what Montag sees when he has to burn books with a woman inside the house.

Kiryo Thale-Haevel.

This is how I imagine Assassin!Federico - now complete with eagle vision. than his video game version, with more facial hair and…

Khai Thale-Haevel

Honor by mckadesinsanity* Lovely depiction of flesh. cannot see a brush stroke therein. Perhaps, air-brushed ~ impossibly perfect.

Tadishae Thal-Haevel

His eyes have trapped me in a spell, His voice holds captive my heart, Despair and Death have all but fell, For truth is in his art!

The Emperor's Bargain.

Ember by Madison it in a few days. Looking forward to seeing how the story continues.

Making the Eternity Ring. Witness to the covenant.

Meet the fire serpent in Trapped - second book in the Hidden Saga. Hidden - book 1 coming very soon.

Thacia Thal-Yona

Stole my friend’s cool archer lady character for digital practice… I dunno how archery works OTL I think the hand should be the other way but the reference I used looked like this… maybe modern.

Tadishae Thal-Haevel

A selection of 14 beautiful photographs of Light Painting created by photographer Dennis Calvert. We often talked about light painting, but rare are the

The Kip'shee at harbor.

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

"All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.