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The Woof Shop
Australia / Apparels & accessories for the discerning Aussie doggie. It's all about WOOF!
The Woof Shop
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People love pets more than children in our society and new innovative companies are constantly popping up to monetize on this. The Portuguese multidisciplinary group Ark Studio tried to figure out a new way to design a pet hospital.

Healthy Spot store by AkarStudios, Costa Mesa – California » Retail Design Blog

The spacious mid-century modern showroom accommodates several retail sections, day care, and a spa area of the Healthy Spot brand. The graphic presence runs throughout the project in the form if colorful floor-to-ceiling digitally printed murals.

Pet Parking Post by Dog-On-It-Parks

Pet Parking Post by Dog-On-It-Parks. Nice time out spot, dogs can still be supervised without being in a kennel