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Water Swings…

Funny pictures about Water Swings. Oh, and cool pics about Water Swings. Also, Water Swings.

How-to-make canned food dispensers

Ideas for DIY canned food dispensers. If you buy a lot of the same canned goods, this particular one would save space; hopefully, you could put it somewhere out of the walkway.

#6. Make a pondless water feature to beauty your outdoor space.

Make a Large Pot Project for Garden and Yard

Giant pot water feature for the yard. Would put one in wheels so that I can wheel it over the septic tank cover on the floating patio.


*** big blades are a nice snag I see some waste here though unless the smaller pieces are turned into neck or patch knives.


( ^o^ ) Wrought Iron Hanging Grills. A great option if you're cooking food over the open fire often.

Art Therapy Ideas. Art therapy uses art to heal people of all ages, and can improve the emotional, mental, and physical state of most people. http://hative.com/art-therapy-ideas/?utm_content=buffer64f8c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

10+ Art Therapy Ideas

Word Vomit : Society's messages to women are sickening.The expectations, pressure, and drop in self esteem that is a result of the above. The society is feeding women with the wrong thoughts and it puts down their self esteem.

Swedish Log Candle for roasting marshmallows

The Swedish Log Candle, neat idea for a garden party! someone commented: Instead of lighter fluid or gasoline try shredding bark or dry grass and spray it with some canola oil then stuff it in all the cuts then lights.

Smoker on right, grill on left. Made from hot water heater,air compressor,porch…

Smoker on right, grill on left. Made from hot water heater,air compressor