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A good makeup setting spray is key to making your beauty look stay put in the summer heat. This version from Japonesque is $29 and is perfect for setting your concealer - try spraying it directly onto your beauty blender and dabbing onto your skin to tackle the under eye area.

Beer is a multitasker that gives your weekend grocery run new purpose. The yeast in beer plumps up the hair shaft, acting as a thickening agent for thin strands. Pour a generous amount on your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Just make sure to condition and rinse well afterward, so you don't smell like you just left a kegger.

At every summer party, we’re constantly faced with the decision to either go swimming or sit on the sidelines and protect our pretty locks. We’re sharing our tips for protecting hair from damaging chlorine–now you can partake in the festivities and maintain your beautiful mane.

While everyone knows coconut oil cures all, you may be surprised to learn that a slew of other supermarket buys are serving up major DIY beauty benefits. Whether you're looking to amp up your locks or soothe an irritated complexion, these kitchen staples act as great impromptu hair and skin treatments—and help you save money to boot.

When oil-blotting sheets and face mists aren’t cutting it anymore, these sly tricks help stop perspiration before it even starts. Take notes, because hot mess is a good look for no one.

You've invested so much time and money figuring out what works for your skin. Now that you've got your regimen down, it's crucial that you take good care of your products, starting with how you store them. While your vanity and your makeup bag are the obvious solution, they can vary in temperature, curtailing the life of your cherished items. Instead, try sticking them in the refrigerator. Hear us out:

It’s crucial that you take good care of your products, starting with how you store them. While your vanity and your makeup bag are the obvious solution, they can vary in temperature, risking the breakdown and oxidization of ingredients and curtailing the life of your cherished items. Instead, try sticking them in the refrigerator. Hear us out:

Don’t think you can rock red makeup? Chanel begs to differ.

We've asked 10 celebrity makeup artists to share the lip balm they keep in their kit. Shop their picks ahead and get ready for the softest, most kissable pout ever.

Trade up this season.

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"Every time I comment on a friend's glowing skin, it turns out she's been using this toning device. I've finally started using it just this week, and I'm already noticing a more youthful appearance."

"My weekday makeup regimen is pretty minimal—concealer, eyeliner, lip balm and now, Glossier Haloscope highlighter. I snagged the Topaz shade for a subtle bronze glow on my sun-deprived skin, and it's the perfect pick-me-up for summer."

We're sharing our editors' current beauty obsessions in hopes that you'll love them just as much as we do. Ahead, our top picks for July.

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Maintaining the health of your teeth is important to your overall well-being and can add years to your life.

Not only are these tips eco friendly, but they will also save you money!