Gallery Wall - no having to drill holes in the wall, easy to move frames around.

Great Ideas for Amazing Wall Art

Gallery Wall / photo wall - use picture ledges to avoid drilling holes in the wall, easy to move frames around! I REALLY LOVE this idea, especially considering the amount of holes I put in the wall doing our last picture wall.

Um belo painel de fotografias, para aquele espaço que parecia ser inútil :)

pictures stacked vertically at end of hallway to look like photobooth picture strip.Or blow up actual photo booth picture

Como criar uma parede de quadros?

Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room -- Sharing layouts, ideas, and inspiration for creating a gallery wall in your home. Over 30 different wall ideas to suit the needs / wants of your space! You won't want to miss this inspirational round-up!

Destaque: Painel com revestimento de madeira (parecem tijolinhos de madeira)

living room set-up, and that wood wall that is laid like exposed brick painel madeira para TV

teal and dark wood

Room Decorating Before and After Makeovers

Qual a distância ideal entre o sofá e a TV

Dica MSG: aprenda qual a distância ideal entre a tv e o sofá.

Decor | 30 ideias para uma parede de molduras

Tiny gallery of candids.where to get the tiny frames + all! super great idea because you can switch photos in or out whenever you please!


Such a clever wall art idea for the dining room! Edison Avenue: 10 Interior Decorating Ideas: Using Emerald Green.