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Horsham, PA, USA  ·  Online headshop offering glass water pipes, bubblers, oil rigs and more. Get low waterpipe prices, and read about cool recyclers.
Thick Ass Glass
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Thick Ass Glassary: Your Ultimate Water Pipe Glossary

Thick Ass Glassary: Your Ultimate Water Pipe Glossary

Build Your Custom Dab Tool Kit During TAG's Holiday Sale

If you're a dabber seeking the best dab tools or cheapest dab rigs, then coming to Thick Ass Glass' holiday sale is going help you out, big time.

Hiding The Smoke Smell

Tips for concealing smoke smells for smokers everywhere. Stay stealth with these superb smoke-hiding tips.

Why Stop At One? Collecting Water Pipes & Dab Rigs

Collecting water pipes and dab rigs can be very rewarding for the smart smoker. See why having multiple glass pipes can change the way you smoke.

Dab Nails & Carb Caps

Thinking of dabbing with your glass nail? See why quartz, titanium and ceramic nails are far superior and why carb caps revolutionize your dabbing.

Dab Enails

Getting an enail is a great addition to any experienced dabbers arsenal. Control your temps, avoid torches and save money in the long term.

Drop Downs

Buy a drop down and save your water pipe or dab rig from heat stress. Choose from a variety of drop down styles, including those with reclaim adapters.

Dab Essentials: What Dab Tools Do You Need?

When exploring the world of dabbing, you're going to need a few key dab tools to get started. Read on to discover the best ways to dab your concentrates.

Nectar Collectors: Portable Rigs For On The Go!

A nectar collector or nail can revolutionize your dabbing action. See how this portable piece can greatly benefit your dab rig or water pipe collection.

Glass Reclaim Catchers: A Must For Dedicated Dabbers

Ever wonder what to do about that gunk that gets stuck in your dab rig after a while? You can try to keep up with the cleaning as much as is humanly possible, b

To Dab Or Smoke: The Multi-Functionality Of Water Pipes

Thick Ass Glass pipes can be used for either smoking or dabbing. See why investing in a single water pipe can enable you to enjoy both legal herbs and waxes.

Buying The Perfect Water Pipe

When choosing the best dab rig or glass water pipe, there are more things to consider than just looks. See why percolators, size and joint size are important.

The Best Way To Light Your Water Pipe: Torch Lighter or Hemp Wick?

Combustion choices for smokers is much better these days than simply a lighter. See how a hemp wick or Herb Iron can greatly improve your experience.

How To Choose A Bubbler

See why glass bubbler pipes are more popular than ever. Portability, classic shapes and now with superb percolators.

Metal Herb Grinders

Metal herb grinders are literally a must have. See why 4 and 5 piece grinders can help you get the best out of your water pipe.

Talking Downstems

Downstems are a smoking accessory that you attach to certain water pipes using a joint. Diffused downstems can literally change the way you use your water pipe.