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TableAir. Revolutionising The Sit Stand Game Entirely.

On average, office based workers spend around hours a day sat behind a desk. These sedentary jobs are, well, sedentary. We spend the majority of the day just sitting and typing.

Looks Like Alberto Meda-nother Physix Chair!

​Alberto Meda decided to create a much lighter solution to work alongside his Physix task chair and he has presented to us the Physix Conference chair! The original Physix chair

Form and Function. Get IN!

The IN office chair from Wilkhahn incorporates this technology as well as being perfectly synchronised with other dynamics and combined with utmost comfort to boost our concentration and relaxation.

Breakout® KI-ngs

What is a breakout area and why? A breakout area is seen as a space(s) within an office where employees can go to take a break and relax, but due to the diversity

The Diffrient World Chair: Designed With Ergonomics In Mind

​"If every chair was made the way the World Chair was, we would cut in half all the material used for task chairs.