"Appalicious" (aka Amazing Apps)

Beautifully deigned and useful apps you can find right now on the internet & your phone...at least we think so.

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"Appalicious" (aka Amazing Apps)

"Appalicious" (aka Amazing Apps)

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Instagram 3.0 Launches With New Profiles and Cool New Photo Maps

Sworkit ~What is Sworkit? Sworkit works on a computer, iPhone or Android and functions kind of like an iPod shuffle for exercise. You choose your workout time (up to one hour) and goal (back, core strength, full body, etc.). Sworkit then generates a series of randomized 30-second routines (none of which require equipment) for you to follow, along with handy pictures of what each task actually looks like. At the end of every 30 seconds, a whistle blows and you’re on to the next exercise.

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Meet Brewster, an app that takes everyone you know across sites such as #Facebook, #Twitter and email platforms and creates unique profiles for each person by displaying their contact and social information all in the same view.

Eschewing the importance of apps.

WTHR app

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Pinstagram. #Pinterest & #Instagram together.

What are your thoughts on Path? Is it too similar to Facebook or just different enough?

Path.To's Social Media Mojo Transforms Your Facebook Posts Into A New Job And by mojo, of course, we mean algorithm. Here's how job-matching site Path.To digs into your online life (not in a creepy way) to help find the right job for you. That banging noise you hear is one more nail going into the resume's coffin.

Stamped is a new way to recommend only what you like best—restaurants, books, movies, music and more. No noise, no strangers, just the people you trust and the things they love.

SHOWYOU. All the videos your friends share in one place on you iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire.

"Take This Lollipop"...creepy yet informative.

Camera Genius App Interface | Designer: Artua - www.artua.com | Develper: CodeGoo - www.codegoo.com/...