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the poster for thinking big diagrams, megascapes and megastructures
Michael Bierut/Pentagram's symposium poster for Yale University expresses depth through diminishing sizes of text in hierarchical positions.
a poster with the words 25 step and garage gadgets on it in white letters
The color white drives the text to the foreground, advancing the message towards the viewer. The black image defines a middle ground while the color blue defines the background. Black & blue color systems recede away from the viewer. The result is: depth. Meanwhile, the orientation of the black image, the right hand vertical alignment of the text and the vertical orientation of the format create a vertical direction. The horizontal alignment of left and right texts create a horizontal direction.
a man in a suit and tie with his mouth open, holding a sign that reads'his master's voice '
His Master’s Voice
The figure is "sandwiched" by advancing text in front of and receding text behind. Depth is the result. #cover U #magazine
a woman in a red and white bathing suit with a large ball on her head
Target Branding
The running figure adds a 3-dimension quality we call "volume". It's set in front of a flat field of 2-dimensional pattern. The contrast of 2D vs. 3D creates advancing and receding qualities resulting in depth. The balance is largely symmetrical. The negative space is a dynamic pattern unto itself due to tension and closeness between the dots.
the sun is setting over the water with mountains in the background
The warm orange sun and reflection advance while the muted warm and decidedly cool blue colors define the middle and backgrounds. The amount of orange vs blue represents a contrast of amounts (or contrast of extension according to Josef Albers). Adding more orange would disrupt the delicate balance. Smaller orange or a broader, even more intensive blue could have resulted in an ambiguity of advancing and receding forces. Claude Monet. Soleil levant
a painting of two women in an artist's studio
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Johannes Vermeer 1632-1675, The Art of Painting. Vermeer uses single-point perspective to guide the viewer from foreground to background. To further express advancing and receding qualities, he uses illumination to guide the viewer from a shadowy entrance. The relationship of the painter (Vermeer himself?) to the subject reinforces this effect, specifically through the contrast of a darker, larger foreground figure to the brighter, smaller background figure.
A simple way of expressing depth is by the contrast of larger foreground imagery to smaller background imagery and by the fact that cool colors recede and warm colors advance. Hiroshige, artist. Japanese Woodblock Printing, Japanese Woodcut, Japanese Prints, Japanese Landscape, Japanese Artists, Japan Art, Chinese Art
A simple way of expressing depth is by the contrast of larger foreground imagery to smaller background imagery and by the fact that cool colors recede and warm colors advance. Hiroshige, artist.
the poster for x - pression is shown in black and yellow, with an image of
Posters, Typography, and Type image inspiration on Designspiration
Luminous yellow lines overlap the black text. That alone would establish foreground/background relationships. But the contrast of yellow soft edges to the black hard edges further differentiates the two, increasing the sense of depth.
a traffic light with the words walkin on it's back and white background
The luminous green text and circle below it bring hue and luminosity and thus provide an advancing system of elements. The black traffic signal and text advance from the white background and despite its mass, becomes the middle ground. Miles Davis All Stars album cover.
a poster with the words truman's beers in red, yellow and orange colors
A pint of beer is illuminated and advances towards the foreground. The shaded red exclamation point provides a middle ground behind the beer and in front of the red background. Establishing foreground, middle ground and background helps to establish depth. But also pay attention to the advancing and receding qualities that contrast of color intensity can provide.
mixed media collage with text and images on paper, including barcodes in different colors
The FR Again
Bright hues of color tend to advance over more neutralized colors such as grays and browns. Also, strong contrast such as black on yellow or black on white have advancing qualities versus weaker contrasts. Movement can be felt by how the eye navigates along the paths of word, line and shape fragments.