Positive/Negative space

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All space is potentially dynamic. No background is "empty" unless it is ignored. Also known as: figure/ground; form and space. These pins have been posted solely to promote awareness of design principles and elements through commentary and critical analysis.

Howard Schneider
Utagawa Hiroshige  Aceri a Mama, ponte annesso del santuario di Tekona (Mama no momiji Tekona no yashiro tsugihashi).

Hiroshige postcard

Text on back Utagawa Hiroshige Aceri a Mama, ponte annesso del santuario di Tekona (Mama no momiji Tekona no yashiro tsugihashi). Serie: Cento vedute di luoghi celebri die Edo (Meisho Edo hyakkei) 1857, mese iniziale, 361 x 247 mm Honolulu Academy of Arts Gift of James A. Michener, 1991 Rome city trip with Bert August 10 - 14 2009

Hasui, Yumoto Spa, Nikko

Blue Prints | Yumoto Spa, Nikko | Kawase Hasui

Scholten Japanese Art presents Yumoto Spa, Nikko by Hasui.

African Masks // T-Shirt Print - Pedro Kuperman

African Masks // T-Shirt Print - Pedro Kuperman

African Masks // T-Shirt Print - Pedro Kuperman

The narrow, vertical rectangles at the far left and far right, as well as the horizontal rectangle at the very top are virtually identical in their length and width. The vertical red text boxes express a different kind of proportion, but directional they indeed are. The repeating and varying of these elongated rectangles creates a rhythm. Utagawa Hiroshige (歌川 広重, 1797 – October 12 1858)

Shelley Davies, Artist and Illustrator

Shelley Davies, artist and illustrator. In the last 40 years, Shelley has become a leading artist in the field of Modern Art collage, her handmade work has been featured by Cobble Hill Puzzles, Uppercase Magazine, Illustoria Magazine, Root and Star and The Globe and Mail and many others.

Hiroshige, cent vues d'Edo : Instantanés de Japon

Hiroshige, cent vues d'Edo : Instantanés de Japon - Paperblog

Voici un livre d'art à regarder mais aussi à lire. Écrit pas un spécialiste de l'estampe, Mikhaïl Ouspenski, ces cents images d'Edo dessinées par Hiroshige nous plongent dans le quotidien révolu d'un Japon en pleine

Positive and negative shapes are finely crafted and balanced in this painting by early 20th century artist, Hiroshi Yoshida.

Hiroshi Yoshida was a 20th-century Japanese painter and woodblock print maker, noted for his absolutely breathtaking landscape prints.

How are these even real?

The contrast between the larger and brighter Mt. Fuji background and the smaller, more intensive middle ground of trees and foreground of darker blue patches is dramatic, yet balanced in terms of the distribution of visual weight. "Yoshiwara" by Hiroshige.

'Yoshiwara' Art Print - Ando Hiroshige | Art.com

About This Piece Scenic Art Why settle for blank walls, when you can transform them into stunning vista points. Explore from imaginative scenic abstracts sublime beach landscapes captured on camera. The possibilities are endless. The painterly quality of our canvas creates an almost life-like panorama, so you can enjoy your favorite scenery without leaving home. Cultural Art Never lose touch with your roots or embrace a new culture with world art. Our collection will bring you closer to…

Hiroshige (1797-1858), Sudden Shower over Shin-Ohashi Bridge at Atake, from «One Hundred Views of Edo» (1856).

Sensitive Content Warning

Richard Avedon (1923-2004), Marlon Brandon, 1951. Si em vaga... Viuré, si em vaga encar de viure, supervivent d’un cant remot. Viuré amb la cella corrugada contra les ires, contra el llot. Viuré dreçant-me com un jutge, només mirant, sense dir mot, com la paret en el seu sòtol, com una pedra en el seu clot. Josep Carner, Poesia, text de l’edició de 1957 revisat i establert per Jaume Coll. Barcelona, Quaderns Crema, 1992, p. 1.212. [Absència].

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