Repetition and Variation

The most direct way of coordinating visual elements is to repeat them. For example: repetition of a shape, a line, a color, a texture, etc. By varying what you…
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an abstract photo of sand dunes with blue water in the foreground and white sand on the far side
Spacecraft captures ‘green glow’ of Mars | CNN
Spacecraft captures 'green glow' of Mars - CNN
some black and white stuff on the ground with water droplets coming out of it's surface
Spacecraft captures ‘green glow’ of Mars | CNN
Spacecraft captures 'green glow' of Mars - CNN
an old newspaper with black and white images on it's front page, including the word bauh written in german
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, cover for Bauhaus magazine, 1928.
a woman with her eyes closed in front of a yellow and blue poster that says ikea
T̢̟̥͙̙̪̠ͥ̈́͒ͮ͒a̯̩̦͙ͯp̛̗̟͔͚ͥ͗̓̔̎ͫi̶̲̪̮͒̄ͫ̀́̚w͕̪̲̪̣͒̈̎ͥͅả̠͉̂͒̈̎ͬ͝ ̞͙̫ͬ̈́ͤ͐ͥM̷͈̦̄̈͌̔ͮ͛̎ả̦̙͍͓̠̞̪̑̂̔z̧̝̫͂̈́i͚ͪ̆b͉̂ͮ̒ͤ̓̊͝u̯̮̫̖ͧ̓̈́ͨ͡k̤͈̼̘͉̊̍̈́̄̃o͍̒͐͛
a magazine cover with a chair and lamp on the table in front of an advertisement
Lamp and chair form a visual connection as a result of the repetition (plus variation) of the lamp's shade into the chair's swooping transitioning from back to arm.
a woman holding up a drink in front of a large city with tall buildings and skyscrapers
SUPERTRAMP - Breakfast In America (1979)
Repetition and variation appear in the relationship between the orange juice glass and the dinnerware/skyscrapers in the background.
an old magazine cover with a woman in red
Same figure used twice (repetition), but engaged in two different contexts (variation). Balanced weight, approximate symmetry and contrast (both visual and narrative) begin to define this illustration by Mick Haggerty. Fracturing within the image creates both a duality and a humorous sense of (remember folks, this is earthquake country) irony.
the inside of a room with red and white walls
The dominant visual theme on display here is that of convergent polygons. The off white planks are key. Notice how the individual shapes repeat and vary into the other shapes. On the topic of repetition of variation: the color white appears in three variations: pure white, off-white, and tinted pink. Since repetition and variation typically combine to produce rhythms, there's two systems of rhythm taking place here: (1) the pattern of shape and (2) the pacing of color. (A progressive sequence.)
several green leaves are arranged in the shape of a heart on a white background with blue sky and clouds
an abstract poster with red and black numbers
Overlapping can engage multiple rhythms. Christophe Gaudard, designer.
an african mask with teeth and fangs on it
Full Details for Lot 76
Full Details for Lot 76 -Thomaston Auction
an african mask with black, white and pink designs on it's face is shown in front of a green background
Traditional African Masks come from the Basangu Tribe of The Congo.
an old mask with two faces on it
Mask | Tlatilco | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a black and white pillow with lines on the front, in an abstract manner that resembles squares
Florence Broadhurst 'Tortoiseshell Stripe' BW17 cushion in black, grey and white 43x43cm
Florence Broadhurst 'Tortoiseshell Stripe' BW17 cushion in black, grey and white 43x43cm
an old camera with the words objective fur hire karema
eli and toggle
Grouping of words along a horizontal line. Grouping of a vertical lineup of circles.
a bunch of bananas that are sitting on a table together in the shape of a wave
Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
an image of a poster with numbers and letters on it's side, including the number nine
The New Domestic : Inspiration Wall
These letterforms repeat one another by the fact they originate from the same typeface and thus, share the same DNA. They vary through the mixed use of color but vary considerably when one letterform contains a strongly patterned black and white image. Paul Rand, designer - Google Search
a black and white photo of barbed wire with a sign that says directions to direction
American Graphic Design
The color red surrounds the magazine's name. The same color occurs in the form of dots (an instance of repetition plus variation: same color, different shape). The barbed wire's shadow (another instance of repetition plus variation) adds a sense of presence and drama. Paul Rand, designer. American Graphic Design | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a man riding a snowboard on top of a red and white background
cristiana couceiro
The large red circle is repeated and varied in the small cluster of white circles off to the left. The bar code is repeated and variety in the single vertical bar off to the right. The fence is a repeated pattern without variation. The knife and the body express a verticality and share the same color. The drawn arrow's angular bend is repeated and varied in the angularity of the body's shoe and arm. Cristiana Couceiro
a woman standing in front of a white room with black squares on the wall and ceiling
Repetition plus variation across a three dimensional space. Esther stocker - art installation- Websites For Artists
an abstract painting on display in a museum
Joe Bradley's painting uses a cloud-like, highly stylized shape repeatedly yet with variation in terms of the proportion of the shape, whether it is a shape or an outline, and using a different type of outline. This use of repetiton creates unity and the variations on this theme create interest and a bit of complexity.
the book cover shows glasses and eyeglasses on a table
ANDRE KERTESZ (1894-1985) , Mondrian's Pipe and Glasses, Paris, 1926 | Christie's
Circles are the primary theme; lines are the secondary theme. The spectacles' frames, the bowl containing pipe, the bowl of the pipe – dominate. There's a subordinate visual theme: the use of line: of the pipe, the eyewear termples, the edges of the tble. Each theme is made up of things that repeat and vary. Some circles are complete, some are partial, yet they repeat and vary as part of a greater theme of rhythm. Andre Kertesz, artist.
the front cover of focus on strength growing and technology for american underwriters, with an apple in the foreground
The curvature of the apple repeats the somewhat more rugged curvature of the figure above it. One visual form repeats another but with a very dynamic variation. PAULA Annual Report; Howard Schneider, designer.
thelonious monk album cover with an image of a man pointing at something on it
Blue Note 1500 series - jazz album covers
Black letter forms with one white variation in the same font, same size. Thelonious Monk,1956; Reid Miles, art director
the sign on the side of a building that says beach blvd santa monica
A property's name and location are set in two contrasting typefaces but are unified by the color white. While white repeats with solid opacity throughout the letters' faces, color appears as a dynamic variation when the sign is viewed at an angle. Annenberg Community Beach House, USA by AdamsMorioka, 2010.