Think of transition as a between stage. Gray is the transition from white to black; medium is the transition between small and large and so on. Transformation…
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an advertisement for the winter olympics in munchen, 1932 - 1939 poster print
The Posters of the Olympics
Transparency acts as a transition from foreground to background.
an old magazine cover with a woman in red
The transition (or transformation) between both sides of the narrative could not be more immediate. from Balanced weight, approximate symmetry and contrast (both visual and narrative) begin to define this Illustration and design by Mick Haggerty. Fracturing within the image, imbues the overall effect with a sense of humorous sense of duality and (remember, this is earthquake country) irony.
the sky is filled with white clouds and blue water
The more heavily saturated inner rectangle becomes a transition between the background and the viewer. Image: Howard Schneider
a red and white polka dot pattern with green letters
the inside of a room with red and white walls
This detail from an exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum of Art suggests a transition of color saturation from full color intensity to neutral and back out to the intensity of white.
a woman holding an umbrella on the beach with two men standing behind her and another man walking away
Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio
Robert Capa: once described as the greatest war photojournalist of all time.
seven different colored peppers lined up on a white surface with one red and one yellow pepper in the middle
Things Organized Neatly
Altered progression of sizes combined with a progressive sequence of color.
an orange and black object in the middle of a pink background with palm tree leaves
Opinion | The Year in Illustration (Published 2015)
The Year in Illustration - The New York Times
an elephant is swimming in the water with its head above the water's surface
Opinion | The Year in Illustration (Published 2015)
The Year in Illustration - The New York Times
The Year in Illustration - The New York Times Environmental Art, Recycle Poster, Editorial Art, Cool Car Drawings, Motion Graphics Design, Peace On Earth, Art Collage Wall, Save Earth, World Leaders
Opinion | The Year in Illustration (Published 2015)
The Year in Illustration - The New York Times
an image of a tree that is in the middle of some clouds and water with it's roots spewing out
A New Year’s Meditation on War … and Peace
Transformations - Juxtapositions that make socio-political statements.
an image of trees and deer in the background with facebook logo on it's left side
You searched for design - Ecommerce Platforms
This is an example of how negative space can be used in graphic design. The top of this design has buildings and at the bottom it has been converted to trees and deer and everything else is white.
an image of a restaurant sign with birds on it's back and the words cafe royal written in gold
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