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Mairi Somerville

Mairi Somerville
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Seoul lanterns

A worker attaches name tags of Buddhist devotees who donated lanterns ahead of the birthday celebration of Buddha, which falls on May at the Chogye temple in Seoul, South Korea. About of South Korea's people are Buddhists.


Suwon's Fortress Wall, Gyonggi-Do (South Korea). 'Spend a leisurely half-day circuiting the intact wall of Suwon’s Hwaseong (Brilliant Fortress) – you can pause for views from grand gateways and turrets as well as try your hand at archery.

Scottish highland cattle in the snow

Highland cattle, Scotland - highland cattle known as "kyloe." They are stout and have adapted to grazing on plants that many other cattle avoid. Their long shaggy hair protects them from the cold winters and rainy weather.