Not-So-Secret Gardens

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Not-So-Secret Gardens

Not-So-Secret Gardens

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One container filled to the brim with a single type of plant can have major impact beside the front door. Apple-green "dinner plate" Aeonium urbicum fills this textured white urn with a mound of the flowerlike rosettes, resembling a bouquet.

Easy-Care, Low-Water Container Gardens

A cobalt blue pot forms the colorful foundation for a quartet of plants with interesting foliage color and form. Tall, metallic green Astelia 'Silver Shadow' sits up high, while purple-flowering Salvia 'Amistad' and coral-blooming Heuchera send up delicate flower spikes, and weeping chartreuse Carex oshimensis 'Everillo' spills over the edge.

Easy-Care, Low-Water Container Gardens
  • Jacqueline Martinez
    Jacqueline Martinez

    Blue Cobalt potting and flowers ,,,ideal deco Patio *

Before taking that old bike to the junkyard, consider this garden ornament idea from The Hanky Dress Lady: Bicycle Wheel Garden Art - Steel Magnolias.

Bicycle Wheel Garden Art - Steel Magnolias

Buried beer, wine and booze bottles create a "star" statement in this Michigan garden.

How to bury bottles to create stunning yard art

Instead of hanging birdhouses from tree branches, Barb Rosen of the blog Our Fairfield Home & Garden, mounted birdhouses on old ladders to create functional garden accents. See more of her garden here.

11 Ways to Repurpose and Decorate with Ladders
  • Gail Claypool
    Gail Claypool

    I would be afraid the cats in my neighborhood would climb the ladders for their lunch.

Tall columns support narrow arbors to define this patio from the garden.

20+ Ideas: Arbors, Trellis, Obelisks, and More - Empress of Dirt

Simple iron hoops covered in espaliered apple trees lead to Prince Charles' completely organic kitchen garden.

Garden Like Prince Charles

A peek behind the gates of the Prince of Wales's lavish outdoor oasis from his new book, Highgrove: An English Country Garden. Click here for more!

Garden Like Prince Charles

Planter boxes that hook onto deck or porch railings bring cheery blooms to eye level. Choose from two types: planters with brackets that sling over the rail and ones like these that clip onto the top. The 28-inch Rounded Cedar Deck Rail Planter (about $50; Hooks and Lattice) will help get you growing in no time.

13 Ideas for Creating Garden Retreats

An abundance of pink climbing roses adorn this charming garden gate.

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Love the contrasting shapes and two-tone palette of this garden's rounded boxwoods, lady's mantle and Russian sage.

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This beautiful, mostly blue border changes with the seasons and looks as good in fall as it does in spring. Click through to see the plan from Sunset.

Sunny border for three seasons

Hot-pink leaves with ruffled, variegated borders edged with a thin line of light green make Solenostemon ‘Pink Chaos’ look like an explosion of neon paisley. Grows 6 to 18 inches tall. Can be perennial in Zones 10 to 11, but elsewhere is an annual. Available from Garden Crossings, Proven Winners, and Sunny Borders Nurseries.

Annual Flowers and Plants - Garden Design

Miniature daisy-like flowers spill out of an antique milk pail across this lawn.

Pretty Gardens!

How pretty is this H. Boundless Beauty daylily?

Get it together, Girl! | And a bonus Haiku... ~ a girl and her garden - a daylily blog

This handsome, pergola-topped entry gate to the backyard sets the stage for what lies beyond.

Garden Gate Inspiration for My Side Yard

5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas: These classic flowering shrubs are prized by homeowners from North to South. Here's how to get them to bloom their best

5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas

A profusion of blooming flora invite visitors down this garden path.

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They may look pretty, but if you don't want them taking over, these are plants you want to avoid.

The Top 20 Invasive Plants to Keep OUT of Your Garden

A reclaimed-cypress shed stores garden tools for this container garden of organic herbs, including chamomile for tea and a mix of greens, tomatoes, and edible flowers.

Green Building Expert's 1931 Colonial Revival Redo

A triangle of shrubs—a potted dwarf white pine, a weeping purple European beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Tortuosa Purpurea') near the door, and a 'Frohburg' weeping Norway spruce—frames the view from the garage to the far side of the house.

Four-Season Garden Star

Stone sets the tone for these front gardens. Pavers laid in a fan pattern in front of the house and garage do triple duty: as parking pad, pathway, and entertainment space. Boulders, their impact softened by perennials and shrubs, pay homage to the area's natural landscape.

Four-Season Garden Star

Red and white impatiens frame the walkway leading up to an arbor garden gate in the same colors. Lovely.

CARMEL’S COTTAGE GARDENS- Stitching the garden together with small flowers and ground covers.

Fill vertical space in your landscape—without paying for pricey trees—with hanging planters. Most plants that can live on the floor of a garden can be hung from a branch or a post.

How the Pros Cut Costs on Projects

Bring a taste of the outdoors to your indoor only cats with a DIY Cat Garden. Super easy and your cats will love it! | Via #BlogPawsDIY

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