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    Smart Storage Ideas

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    Smart Storage Ideas

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    Handsome, and efficient, craft closet from BeneathMyHeart.

    Slide-in, slide-out doors provide easy access while keeping small appliances out of sight when not in use.

    A partial wall in this downstairs bath creates a water closet on one side and a storage area on the other. A small shelf behind the toilet holds decorative items and bath accessories. Tip: If you're really tight on space, consider open shelves, which neatly stow towels and toiletries within easy reach without adding another door swing in the room.

    Vintage metal bins, affixed to the wall, display toys and collectibles while keeping floor space clear. A flexible knitted basket serves as storage for additional towels and linens.

    The 5 Slot Magic Tool Holder organizes your brooms and long-handled tools neatly behind a door without taking up much space. Just $10.95 from

    Small pull out crates store non-refrigerated produce and allow for easy access while keeping counters clutter free.

    All you need is a sliver of space--in this case just a 6"-deep cabinet appended to the pantry adjacent to the fridge--to carve out a handy broom closet for storing cleaning supplies. Via

    Open shelves hold cookbooks, display pieces, and baskets for supplies. And check out the crown molding and decorative molding that bookend the top tier of open shelves. Nice touch.

    See how No. 29 Design used IKEA's Fintorp Rail System to reduce kitchen counter clutter.

    A deep kitchen drawer with dividers stores silverware with great efficiency and economy of space.

    Super efficient--and stunning--dish storage from British bespoke furniture company. You'll find them here:

    Great idea for storing plates in kitchens where there is little overhead storage.

    Cramped bedroom? Make the most of close quarters with practical shelving that keeps bedside necessities within reach. From IKEA.

    What TOH Facebook fan Rachel M. longs for in a house: "I miss my grandma's root cellar. Free refrigeration, storage for canned goods, and a great way to keep cool-weather veggies from clogging up your fridge."

    Great idea for using shower curtain rings for scarf--or tank top--storage.

    Cute makeover of a tween girl's closet. Though we have a feeling that she probably hung many more outfits on those closet poles once the camera was turned off!

    #backtoschool: turn your books into art with these clever storage ideas - The Snug

    Avoid a jumbled mess of mail and school papers by setting up a message center and inbox for each family member. Use the area to corral artwork, homework assignments, forms, and magazines as soon as they enter the house. At each week's end, go through the contents of each box; discard old material and file away things you want to keep. Via itswrittenonthewa...

    When the weather outside is frightful, the idea of climbing into your car can be positively daunting. But a little planning will go miles in keeping your vehicle—and you—in good working order. The experts at Kelley Blue Book, the vehicle valuation and automotive research company, offer these tips for driving in wintry conditions.

    Open shelves in this kitchen hold cookbooks, display pieces, and baskets for supplies. Crown molding was added for a finished look.

    You can save money on gas—and make your car ride smoother—by maintaining proper air pressure in your tires. Here's exactly what you need to know to check your tires' air pressure.

    Are you prepared for a major power outage? How about a big snowstorm? Here's everything you need in your home in case of an emergency (big or small).

    Get organized for FREE (yep, you read that right!) with these storage tips.

    Returning to work after caring for kids or relatives? You’ve probably developed some serious skills as an organizer, volunteer, caregiver, fundraiser, and project planner. Follow these tips to make the most of those skills on your resume.