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This Los Angeles house looks dreamy today. That wasn't the case in 2006, when the deteriorating home was the most neglected house on the block and star of the film Nightmare on Elm Street. But after a year of renovations, it was no longer the scream home it had been. A flipper turned the house over to new owners in 2013 for $2.1 million.

composite of four examples of furniture, artwork, and miscellaneous items from different hidden gem flea markets

The Year in Flowers Part Deux |

A Row of Tulips |

...and eventually a line of Vintage British Transit Route Sign Clothing!

Keep This Old House and your other monthly favorites within reach. This rack’s modern design lets you read the spines for easy issue selection and gives pages room to air out after steamy soaks and showers. J-Me Float Magazine Rack, about $85; Amazon

Sit and soak for a spell with everything you could possibly need nestled into this chic little bath caddy. It will comfortably hold all of your relaxing essentials, including your favorite vintage wine, guilty read, and artisanal aromatherapy soap. The handsome materials will also fit in with your well-designed bath. Find it on

Want to kick the coffee-shop habit and save on summer's "It" drink? Learn how easy it is to make your own cold brew coffee at home

Here's a gift that will both repay the baker in your life and ensure many more delicious treats to come: Wooden rolling pins engraved with fun silhouettes of animals, flowers, robots, and more that imprint on the dough. Via Zuzia Kozerska's Etsy shop, Valek.

Summer invites us to slow down, if only for an hour or an afternoon. Here are five chairs that enhance outdoor relaxation and fun, just about anywhere you may find yourself.

Lightweight and compact, the GCI Outdoor Wilderness Recliner Chair is easy to transport on short and long treks alike. Unlimited reclining positions make it a ready camping companion for campfire conversation or enjoying a drink tentside. About $60; REI

This new crowd-funded alarm will gently coax you up with the aroma of your choice. If after two minutes you're still not awake, an audible alarm will sound. Wake up to the smell of money, if that suits you, or choose a more reasonable scent, like peppermint, bacon, orange juice, or croissant. SensorWake

Set your aim on this quill-inspired combed-cotton print fabric—it would make lovely throw pillows. | Gray arrow fabric from Spoonflower

"Write" on any surface—including your hand, or the arm of your couch—with the Phree and it transmits the virtual image to your device. With more than $1 million raised by Kickstarter in just 45 days, we're looking forward to seeing this on the market next year.

The design of this enamel-coated iron tray is reminiscent of the little round embroidered patches you put on your sash as a scout. It's the perfect size and weight for ferrying summer drinks—now, if only there were a Thin Mints cocktail. From west elm

The Bottomless Bin is a low-tech answer to an age-old argument: This contraption sits in the bottom of your trash bin and works like a box of tissues: pull the full bag out and up pops a fresh new one. No excuses for a bare bin.

This great take on an old classic holds records upright as they spin, giving the illusion they're suspended in air. The built-in full-range stereo speakers play high-quality sound, but you can also connect the player to external speakers via an RVA line out. Choose between a maple and a dark walnut base. Floating Record Vertical Turntable at www.kickstarter.c...

They slice! They dice! But wait, there's more: This year we've noticed a surplus of tools devoted to making garlic prep a fuss-free affair. If you love the flavor but can't stand to actually touch the stuff, take one of these gadgets out for a spin.

Dinner's ready!

Each week, the TOH team scours the web for home-related stories we love, like this behind-the-scenes tour of Jerry Seinfeld's TV apartment. We hope you find them inspiring, informative, or just plain fun.

Gorgeous family retreat in Wisconsin by TEA2 Architects.

The charming beach community of Seabrook Washington sits on a bluff with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. And more than 100 of the shingled beach cottages are available as vacation rentals!

Let the plantings take center stage with this planter's smooth, industrial-concrete construction. Herb Trio Round Concrete Planter, about $15; Threshold, Target