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Wish I'd Thought of That!

Clever ideas, surprising time- and money-saving tricks and ingenious home-enhancing solutions.

Wish I'd Thought of That!

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This sturdy tub disguised as a sink is a savvy space saver: no more need to store a bucket! Use it for around-the-house cleaning or as an ice bucket at parties. Plug the drain, fill the basin, and move it where you need it. From Jessica Nebel Design Studio

Wackiest Bath Products IV

Kickplate pullouts under this bathroom sink serves as step stools for small kids. Textured porcelain tile helps prevent slipping.

Yes, these are slippers built right into a bath mat. It is now possible to wipe down the bathroom floor, walk, and keep those toes toasty—all at the same time. From Droog

Wackiest Bath Products IV

Metal tile makes a bold statement no wallpaper can match. Select a low-relief pattern and install the panels over 1/4-inch plywood. When mounted beneath a chair rail, tin creates a distinctive wainscot.

All About Tin Ceilings

You know how hard it is to access stuff that gets pushed way back in the cabinet under your sink? This apron sink drawer, from montfortwoodworks..., solves that.

Accessories & Extras | Montfort Woodworks, Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

Flat tops make it easy to stack food-storage jars, helping conserve precious pantry space. Clear glass makes it easy to ID what's inside. From weck jars

Life-Changing Tips for a More Organized Home

Group seasonings by use or cuisine and store upright in a bin so that you can pull them all out at once. Label lids to make finding the right jar a cinch.

Life-Changing Tips for a More Organized Home

Make it easier to put your hands on the right measuring cup or spoon by hanging each one from a labeled cup hook on the inside of a cabinet door.

Life-Changing Tips for a More Organized Home

Get scarves, necklaces, wristlets and other accessories organized hanging on the BYGEL system from IKEA USA and you'll be able to find what you're looking for in a snap. via Katie Terpstra

who needs friends when you can "hang out" with BYGEL?

Create a practical closet-storage system without breaking the bank using the BYGEL system from IKEA USA via Ashley Meyer - Design Build Love

who needs friends when you can "hang out" with BYGEL?

The unique U-shape of this sink base cabinet slide-out fits around plumbing. By Kitchen Craft Cabinetry

Vanity Sink Base Cabinet - Kitchen Craft Cabinetry
  • Plumb Smart Design
    Plumb Smart Design

    Move pipes to the back of the cabinet with our Pipes Away™ Plumbing Kit, and you don't need the cutout anymore. The top drawer can be the same size as the bottom one!

39 secrets from pro organizers that will streamline your day and restore your peace of mind (promise!)

Life-Changing Tips for a More Organized Home

Block drafts and highlight the entry with a curtain on the inside of the front door. | Photo: Mark Scott/IPC Images

50 Nifty Fix-Ups For Less than $100

Here's how to banish the stubborn candle wax for good, without scratching up your furniture or staining your walls in the process. Solutions for wood, glass, and more! | Photo: Wendell T. Webber

How to Get Wax Off Any Surface

Electrical panels, thermostats, big switch plates—they're household necessities, but they're also eyesores that can thwart your decorating efforts. Using sliding display panels will keep them accessible but under wraps so guests won't have to see them. See the how-to instructions to make your own

24 Easy Upgrades to Create a Festive Holiday Home

Grooves cut into a Brazilian-soapstone countertop provide a built-in drainboard. | Photo: John Gruen

Farmhouse Kitchen Revival

Lift power cords and wires off the ground to make sweeping and vacuuming less of a pain via Listotic

This Old Apartment

"I had some disposable aluminum cookie sheets from the party store, and it dawned on me that they would make great faux tin tiles. I cut squares from the cookie sheets, embossed a pattern, primed them, and finished them with acrylic metallic paint. I used them to create a backsplash, but they would make an awesome-looking ceiling. That's a lot of embossing, though!" -TOH reader Suzy M.

Fat Wallet Awards: You Sweat The Small…Change

"There was this big ugly black box in my living room called a subwoofer that my husband just couldn't part with. So I took an old end table of his, chopped the legs off, and set the top right on the subwoofer, which made a perfect base. My new end table looks like one piece, it didn't cost me anything, and my husband loves it because he gets to keep his subwoofer. It's gotta be from the '80s!" -TOH reader Jeanie H.

Fat Wallet Awards: You Sweat The Small…Change

Don't can those old mason jars! There are 12 different fabulous ways you can put them to use.

12 New Uses for Mason Jars

Doggone clever pet door: "Instead of buying an expensive dog door, I bought an inexpensive screen door with two small screened panels at the bottom. I removed the screen from the bottom panels and repurposed a piece of heavy vinyl to make flaps to cover the holes. Now I have a double dog door for my Australian shepherd and my yellow Lab. It's really funny to watch them shoot out the door at the same time!" -TOH reader Susan (who saved $124!) | Illustration: Michael Witte

Fat Wallet Awards: You Sweat The Small…Change

Poke the bottom of a pie plate with a knife; make alternating vertical and horizontal slits. Fill with vegetables that might otherwise slip through your grill grate, such as sliced peppers or asparagus.

10 Uses for Aluminum Pie Plates

Make a bird feeder: Using fishing wire and a large needle, sew the end of a duct connector to a pie plate. Cut the fluted rim off another pie plate, and sew the disk to the top of the connector, bending the edges to create a "roof." Poke drainage holes in the bottom plate; coat with water-based paint, if desired. Thread wire through the top to hang, and fill with seed. | Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewelyn

10 Uses for Aluminum Pie Plates

Store circular tools: Cut a pie pan in half, and secure the finished edges with staples or duct tape, open-side up, to a workshop wall. Use it to hold saw blades and sanding disks. | Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewelyn

10 Uses for Aluminum Pie Plates
  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller

    The cut edges of those foil pie tins are gonna be sharp. Probably a good idea to finish the edges off with a couple layers of duct tape.

Use sash chains to steady billowing curtains: slide lengths into the bottom hems of the panels.

Best of 10 Uses for Common Household Products