ranch oyster crackers

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1 oz) package ranch dressing mix cup canola or vegetable oil t garlic powder (or to your taste) salt to taste 1 box or bag oyster crackers Preheat oven to In a large mixing bowl, combine first 5 ingredients and mix well. Stir in oyster cr

mini corndog muffins

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

tweak for dog bar

A MINI BURGER BAR! This is a FABULOUS idea! So great for a kids b-day party! I might have to try this for April's next party and with the Float Bar again hmmm. Can't go wrong with mini burgers at a 3 year holds party.

Chili and Cornbread in a Jar

Corn bread on top of chili in mason jar then bake! Put chili and cornbread of choice in mason jar and bake @ for mins.

Football Whoopie Pies

Today we share fun and fabulous super bowl party food ideas including football rice krispies, football whoopie pies, nacho cupcakes and more!

free football printables

football party printables - plastic cup labels/stickers with a specific blank spot, which guests can use to write their names on their respective cups.

football fruit!

Watermelon Council Creative Super Bowl party idea: Carve a watermelon into the shape of a helmet and fill it with fruit salad for a great game-day centerpiece with instructions from the Watermelon Council. Super Bowl party spreads are more fun.

herb roasted sweet potato skins (instead of herbs, try curry powder)

Herb-Roasted Sweet Potato Skins