Thomas Thorpe

Thomas Thorpe
Asbury, NJ / My 10 free hours from AOL are almost up, but I just can't get enough of this internet thing...
Thomas Thorpe
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Sega Out Run arcade machine made with Lego bricks.

Sega Classic Arcade Machines A Set Proposal for Lego Ideas Build miniature representations of classic Sega arcade games out of Lego bricks! These minifigure-scaled replicas wi.

ILM Art Department Challenge 2016, Lorin Wood's submission

Final illustration for the first challenge. Per the challenge requirements it had to take place within the aesthetic of Episodes IV-VI (A New Hope - Jedi) with its environments, props, vehicles, etc. I envisioned shooting a ship (a favorite design by

ILM Art Department Challenge 2016, Renaud ROCHE's submission

pixalry: “Star Wars Concept Artwork - Created by Renaud Roche Created for the ILM Star Wars Challenge, check out the full details here.