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26 Extinct Candies From The 80's & 90's - Gallery. I still have this bucket!!

Tongue Splashers I used to love getting these down the cape ever summer at the Tea Room

Garbage Candy

Remember Garbage Can-dy? You got a little plastic trash can that you could open, and it was stuffed with SweeTart-like candy that was in th.

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks

Squeezit was a fruit-flavored drink made by General Mills and marketed from the until the middle of drink came in a plastic bottle that the drinker had to squeeze in order to extract the beverage from its container, hence the name.

70's candy cigarettes- and your Mom thought this was a good idea. lol

Remember pretending to smoke with candy cigarettes ? Yes they actually sold candy cigarettes once upon a time. They had red tips to look like the lit end of a cigarette , and you could blow out a few puffs of "smoke" ( confectioners sugar).

21 Smells '90s Girls Will Never Forget

21 Smells Girls Will NEVER FORGET: Watermelon Candy Kisses Lip Balm is what i want back the most! They forgot Bonne Belle glitter face gel tho!