There is not much in this world more stunning than a horse full out running.

Black Friesian horse running on the beach - Portfolio Paardenfoto's « Hypo Focus Paardenfotografie. Something about pure black horses.

Онлайн психолог домашних питомцев - animal psychology Психолог онлайн. "Психология личного пространства"  This horse has better hair than mine

Gorgeous Palomino colored horse at the beach having a good hair day! Look at that beautiful flowing mane!

Seeking attribution. Horse, mare, foal, straw, lying down

Two days ago, a group of people came together, working as a team. Saving a mare in labor but losing the foal. Today a group of people, working.


Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque_____ Friesians are my favorite breed!

Gorgeous horse photography - Up-close - Horse by lorrie

Horse with a good hair day! Gorgeous horse photography - Up-close - Horse by lorrie


Is this the horse's version of a "Sit In"? I duth protest absence of food in thy bucket./horsey in a bucket.