Explain Steampunk (Now try to explain it to an eleven-year-old... Thankfully he knew both Fable and Bioshock, explaining done)

Explain Steampunk -"Possibilities", not "possabilities"; "a quasi-", not "an quasi" ("an" precedes a word beginning with a vowel); close the quotes after "Wild, Wild West". Steampunk is also literate and well-educated.

Steampunk bow.

Steampunk bow

This is really cool and would look great in a steampunk Hawkeye cosplay thing.<<okay I need steampunk Hawkeye in my life

Steampunk Maverick Nerf Gun

Ok, everyone has done a maverick steampunk mod, but this one has some cool little doodads added on in addition to the paint job. Steampunk Maverick Nerf G

Steampunk rubber ducky

Steampunk rubber ducky you're the one. You make bath time lots of fun.with all the shocks. Because I love my duck!