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GIF showing the amount of water on Europa compared to Earth/r/all (

Mars with water, 4 bil years ago.

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"from Above"


Astronomers Watch a Supernova and See Reruns -

Astronomers Observe Supernova and Find They’re Watching Reruns

Should We Colonize Venus Instead of Mars? • /r/Futurology

Moonlit - Star filled sky

Star gate


If This Doesn’t Blow Your Mind, Nothing Will

This is not a hyper realist painting but a photograph of a star forming, courtesy of @HUBBLE_space

Twitter / saatchi_gallery: This is not a hyper realist ...

Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona

APOD: 2010 March 16 - Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona

Annular Visions: the 2012 Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse

Most Stunning Solar Eclipse Photos 2012

NASA mission control audio and ambient music.

You are listening to NASA

the moon

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"In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." -Carl Sagan

It's Okay To Be Smart

The extent of human radio signals into the Milky Way Galaxy; It's not the black square, it's the little blue dot.

Whether you’re into mining, energy or tourism, there are lots of reasons to explore space. Some “pioneers” even believe humanity’s survival depends on colonising celestial bodies such as the moon and Mars…

Who owns the moon?

Solar System Planets Wall Decor, Wall Art Prints , Ten Piece for Toddler, Nursery Room Art 8x10 prints, Outer space planets themed room or

Glossy planets colorful vector set on dark sky background - stock vector

The moon and Venus as seen by the Clementine probe in 1994.

Postcards from Clementine | The Planetary Society

The Eridanus Void. This area shows almost no signs of cosmic matter, meaning no stars, planets, solar systems or clouds of cosmic dust. Researchers couldn't even find dark matter, which is invisible but measurable by its gravitational pull. There were also no signs of black holes that might have gobbled up the matter once present in the region.

YOUNGISTAN: Is there a "hole" in the universe?

▶ Sound of the Sun (HD) - YouTube

▶ Music of The Stars - YouTube