I want to travel. I want to leave the country and travel the world. First, I want to go to Europe. I want to stay for a while and visit many countries. I want to experience the world and see all the beautiful things there are to see in Europe.

Cucurumbé. on Typography Served

Cucurumbé by Ceci Peralta - Typography inspired in latin and cuban culture, I wanted it to have a playful and feeling to it because I was inspired by a song I used to love during my childhood: Negrita Cucurumbé by Cri Cri. Cucurumbé includes all alphabet


The use of space, shape and balance create a sophisticated layout design while using powerful contrast.

Typography | Larger version of the Ampersand print by Colorcubic

Create a shape - everyone design their own little symbol to contribute = everyone together to form something

calligraphy  ampersand

Playful Ampersand - Experimental Typography project by Moshik Nadav