Three Farmers

Three Farmers

Canada / Three Farmers is a unique artisanal camelina oil. A fresh taste born in Canada, Three Farmers is committed to being natural, sustainable and traceable.
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4 grams of Omega 3 per smoothie! That is your entire daily requirement and then some. This smoothie is tasty, energy providing and the perfect way to add greens, omegas and antioxidants into your diet.

Yum, seriously. This is not like your everyday boring smoothie. And it will replenish many of the nutrients lost in a work out, or prep you for a long hike, yoga or gym session.

Not Your Everyday Smoothie. This smoothie is not just another boring smoothie. It tastes awesome and has 4 grams of Omega 3 per serving.... that's your entire daily requirement in one hit thanks to Camelina Oil.

Another quick, easy, nutritious and satisfying meal that can be enjoyed at lunch time or as a side for dinner. Make it gluten free with rice or quinoa pasta or try mung bean noodles for an extra protein and fiber punch.

Summer fresh Grilled Gazpacho. This summer time favorite is simple and flavourful. Three Farmers Camelina oil gives it the perfect balance of earthiness and sweetness. Wonderful for patio parties and a crisp glass of white!

Sable fish is one of the most delicious and easy kinds of fish to make. It is forgiving, won't dry out and is naturally buttery and flakey. This is the ultimate crowd pleaser for dinner parties or date night and is loaded with Omegas.

Lemon Herbed Chicken with Roasted Potatoes............ this is seriously delish, don't expect left overs from this one!

Creamy, protein and fibre packed hummus with an added bonus of Omega 3s from Three Farmers Camelina Oil.

Super simple and super delicious. Try it with our Three Farmers Hummus for a Mediterranean-style snack, lunch or dinner in your own home.

Amp up your protein and enjoy this delicious and satisfying quinoa and millet salad, chalk full of goodies. Perfect for summer BBQs and picnics!