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The Best Burgers & Brews in the Big Apple

Chow down on the best beef patties and throw back the finest suds in the city.

31 Pins

The Best Burgers & Brews in the Big Apple

  • 31 Pins

The 15 best $10-or-less burgers in NYC

The 15 best $10-or-less burgers in NYC

Order the Dirty Burger loaded with VT cheddar, grilled onions, and a fried egg. Also: their Tasty Burger with bacon is, well, quite tasty.

NYC's 11 best under-the-radar burgers

They have one of the best turkey burgers around. It's topped with turkey bacon and BBQ sauce, and stuffed with cheesy, warm Mornay sauce.

The 4 best burgers we ate this month

The newly crafted burger is a juicy, hefty mix of brisket, hanger, and chuck that's got just a touch of minerality balanced out by the funk of Fontina cheese, and some sweet, sweet bacon jam.

The 4 best burgers we ate this month

Wise Men is the sexiest place you'll ever eat a patty melt; it's nestled between slices of Moishe's rye after being topped with caramelized onions, cheddar, and pickles.

The sexiest place you'll ever get a patty melt
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Spend a day in Brooklyn Brewery's expansive, seriously-bare-bones garden & tasting room, where you can wash down delivery pizza with perennials (Lager, Weisse Pennant Ale...) and seasonals (Summer Ale, Black Chocolate Stout...) purchased using wooden drink tokens ($20 for five).

Drink at the Big Apple's most famous brewery
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    Brooklyn is great people, food the heritage. I am proud to be Brooklyn born

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Try your favorite sandwich in burger form: Proletariat's Reuben burger with red kraut, stone-ground mustard, and a crustless rye bun.

The crazy-beer bar gets Reuben burgers and grilled cheese

Korzo Haus's glorious patty is wrapped in "a fine bread made according to an old Slovak family recipe" and then effing deep fried. It's also got applewood-smoked bacon, and Emmental cheese.

Korzo Haus - Thrillist New York

Brindle's cast-iron-charred patty sits on a white bread roll, is smothered with cheese and caramelized onions, and owes its earthy, steak-like flavor to a combination of aged prime beef trimmings & fatty rib-eye caps

This place has a great burger

La Birreria teamed up with Dogfish Head to create a garlic beer...that's actually delicious! It's a dark, roasty, chocolatey, earthy... lots other words ending in "y" porter with the garlic on "the nose and the finish".

Garlic... beer? It's actually fantastic...

Looking like what would happen if a beer hall boned a steel mill, Houston Hall's a gargantuan new West Village suds-temple boasts exclusive 10 tap brews. Yup, you can only sip those suds here.

A massive West Village beer hall with Milk Truck grilled cheese

Bring a little brew to your cocktail game with Cannibal's beertails menu.

Get introduced to a few ways to beer up your cocktail game

Torst is a temple to all things brew, dedicated to bringing you some of the tastiest and rarest suds, served in the best way possible.

Does Greenpoint have the best beer bar in NYC? Probably.

After making a name for themselves hidden away behind a curtain at Le Parker Meridien, Joint's burger wizards are pulling back the, well, curtain at their much larger, full-bar-having spot in the Village.

The hidden burger spot shows its face in the Village

Burger Bistro stuffs a beef patty into a sliced donut and topped it with a fried egg & crumbled bacon

An Upper East Side burger hut that puts patties on donuts

    OMG HEART ATTACK waiting to

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DO THE HARLEM SHAKE... by eating shakes and burgers, in Harlem...

DO THE HARLEM SHAKE... by eating shakes and burgers, in Harlem

Get your fill of German beers and giant pretzels at Reichenbach Hall

Got room for Fatburger's XXXL three-patty burger?!

Fatburger finally arrives in NYC

    Son fantásticas!!!

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Eben Freeman and Michael White's cocktail-heavy supper club The Butterfly has maybe the best patty melt ever: Dry-aged, steaky, white label meat topped with caramelized onions, and sandwiched between rye that's crisped only on the outside to achieve maximum goo factor with the American on top and the gruyere on bottom.

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    This looks amazing. I would like to try something like this at home.

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    Good one to try at home and make it healthy!!!

A beer garden grows in Brooklyn...Radegast Biergarten in Williamsburg serves up stein after giant stein with Dentergems Witbier, Hacker Pschorr Weisse, and other impossible-to-pronounce-even-when-you're-sober Euro suds.

A beer garden grows in Brooklyn

Multiple-time Burger Bash Champion, Lure Fishbar makes just a straight-up great cheeseburger with the works: lettuce, pickles, and special sauce on a brioche bun. An gigantic onion ring garnish never hurt anything either.

These are the 5 best burgers in New York

Greenpoint Beer Works fills Flatiron Hall's steins with brews like a "bright, floral, and coriander crisp" Blonde or the "silky and complex" Oatmeal Stout. Warning: beer descriptions do not double as pickup lines.

This is it, people: The Best Burger in NYC. Minetta Tavern's Black Label label burger is a $26 blend of prime, dry-aged Creekstone ribeye, skirt, and brisket that's redolent with musty, barnyard aromas, not to mention caramelized onions.

World-beating burgers from Keith Mcnally

Whitmans has a super legit Juicy Lucy (Minnesota's state cheeseburger) made with a short-rib blend, caramelized onion, spicy pickles, and an ooze-happy stuffing of pimento cheese.

Whitmans - Thrillist New York

Louro's Belly Goat Burger is made of goat, goat CHEESE, and pork belly.

NYC Burger - Belly Goat Burger at Louro - Thrillist New York

Umami's Manly Burger is kind of like a bacon cheeseburger topped with onion rings, only much more aggressive. The cheese is beer cheddar processed in house, the bacon is actually bacon lardons (which lay somewhere in between pork belly and bacon), and the onion rings are battered in malt liquor -- suck it, all burgers not made with 40s.

Umami Burger NYC - Thrillist New York

A German beer garden and restaurant inspired by traditional biergartens of Cologne, Loreley serves 12 brews on tap in either liter or half-liter steins, plus eats like schnitzel, bratwurst, and Gegrilltes Hühnchensandwich (trying saying that... one time fast!).

Loreley - Drink - Thrillist New York

One of the largest outdoor drinking venues in the city, Astoria's Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden lets you pull up to picnic table, nosh on BBQ'd sausages, down as many liters of beer as you want, and take in some polka music all in the course of an afternoon.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden - Thrillist New York

Morimoto's bistro Bisutoro serves up a burger of Wagyu beef loaded with teriyaki, caramelized onions, and wasabi aioli.

Morimoto's bistro is filled with amazing burgers and whisky

For those feeling adventurous, the Pickle Shack has a contraption called a Randall that attaches to one of their tap lines and infuses a beer with whatever craziness they're working with that day: pickling spices, coffee, fruits, more hops, etc.

Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Brine invent the beer & pickle restaurant