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Change Your Life for the Better with a Slow Food Pleasure Diet

Wi-Fi Especially Dangerous for Young Children—Cell Phones Too | ThriveLiving

Wi-Fi Especially Dangerous for Young Children—Cell Phones Too

Why Chia Seeds are the BEST thing you could put in your body!! Click for more info & recipes.

Raw Reform - The Chia Cheat Sheet by Angela Stokes

Healing Body and Soul Through the Japanese Art of Shinrin Yoku

Healing Body and Soul Through the Japanese Art of Shinrin Yoku

The largest city in Vermont U.S.A. has shown that we don’t need polluting and dangerous energy sources to meet our energy demands. In fact, the city produces more electricity than its citizens require, all by utilizing completely green technology for its energy needs. Surprisingly, this stewardship of the environment also has another perk: long-term financial gain. By Contributing Writer Carolanne Wright

First U.S. City Produces More Electricity Than It Uses — With 100% Renewable Technology

Landmark study links pesticides to high depression rates | Newsweek reports that suicide for farmers in the U.S. is about twice the average of the general population. However, this isn't just a problem in America; it's an international crisis. #depression #health #mentalhealth #greenlifestyle

Landmark study links pesticides to high depression rates

The happy grain: how germinated brown rice can improve mental and physical well-being

Before dismissing the idea of using bugs as a food source, consider that some two billion people worldwide eat insects regularly -- and not just because they're plentiful, easy, and economical. The critters are also high in vitamins and minerals, low in fat, and they pack-in serious protein. Best of all, insects emit far fewer greenhouse gases than feedlot livestock and take up less space, leaving a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Is stress ruining your life? Learn how to tame this health destroying beast with a few simple tips

Popular in Ayurvedic medicine, Indian gooseberry is a force to be reckoned with. Otherwise known as amla, this superfruit protects against an impressive list of ailments, many of which are degenerative. A veritable 'Fountain of Youth,' amla can help keep you sprightly, vibrant and disease-free. #ayurvedicmedicine #naturalhealing #superfoods #health #naturalhealth

The top 6 inflammatory foods + how to detox from them

Eat more cultured and fermented foods if you want to be smart, slim and healthy | Eat more cultured and fermented foods if you want to be smart, slim and healthy | By including a few probiotic-rich foods in our daily routine, we can greatly improve mental and physical well-being -- all without unpleasant fad diets. #weightloss #probiotics #naturalnews #health #naturalhealth

Who would guess that within the minute mustard seed lies a formidable defense against cancer, hypertension, atherosclerosis and asthma?

Cannabis dissolves cancerous tumor in young infant, deemed a 'miracle baby' by physician | Instead of opting for chemotherapy and radiation in an attempt to shrink an inoperable brain tumor, the father of an eight-month-old baby pushed for alternative treatment with cannabis oil. The baby's physician, Dr. William Courtney, was initially skeptical early in his career about cannabis as medicine but has since seen such impressive results that he's now a staunch advocate for its use.

A surprising Ebola treatment option: melatonin | Researchers have long recognized that melatonin is far more than just a simple aid for sleep -- it's also a potent antioxidant and treatment for sepsis, a condition associated with Ebola virus infections. The supplement also targets other Ebola symptoms such as endothelial disruption, disseminated intravascular coagulation and multiple organ hemorrhage.

A surprising Ebola treatment option: melatonin

Why everyone should be eating more hempseed | Revered for their life expectancy of 100+ years, inhabitants of Bama Yao live in one of the few longevity hotspots of the world. Sharing similar characteristics with other long-lived people, residents of Bama Yao thrive on a nutrient-rich diet and enjoy a pristine environment. The secret to their exceptional life span, however, appears to be their high intake of hempseed.

Why everyone should be eating more hempseed

Correct poor eyesight naturally with these tips | Using contemporary techniques, and trusted remedies, healthy eyesight is possible without unpleasant procedures or excessive effort. Learn more: www.naturalnews.c...

Correct poor eyesight naturally with these tips

Your right to know what's in our food is under attack—again | This bill, (HR 4432), which has been called the “Denying Americans the Right-to-Know Act” (DARK Act), would prevent state labeling laws. Learn more: www.thrive-living... #GMOs #Monsanto #organicfood

A handful of walnuts each day can help keep breast cancer away #health #naturalhealth #walnuts #cancer #breastcancer

A handful of walnuts each day can help keep breast cancer away

Top foods, herbs and supplements to keep on hand in the event of a nuclear crisis

Maintain health this autumn and beyond with traditional Chinese medicine—autumn is the perfect time to clear out everything that is not physically or mentally healthy -- whether relationships, possessions or habits. Learn more: www.naturalnews.c... #autumn #health #naturalhealth #naturalnews #traditionalchinesemedicine #TCM

Are these familiar foods poisoning you with heavy metals? We normally try our best on a day-to-day basis to make sound food choices and live a clean lifestyle. But sometimes an edible that we think encourages health can actually cause harm. Due to an affinity with heavy metals in the environment, some plants and animals absorb toxins like cadmium more readily than others. In light of this, steering clear of these common foods can help prevent serious problems down the road.

  • Becky Street
    Becky Street

    What is it that we are to avoid?

European study finds raw milk boosts immunity, prevents colds and infections | The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that it's basically a death sentence for you and your children. But raw milk consumption, according to a new study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, can actually help prevent colds, viruses and respiratory tract infections (RTIs) from forming in kids, as opposed to commercially processed milk which provides little or no health benefits.

Every year, U.S. farmers plant millions of acres of GM corn -- a staggering 93 percent of all corn crops in America are genetically modified. For those who don't take issue with GM food, this fact isn't a cause for concern. But for farmers and consumers that would like to keep GMOs out of their fields -- and off their plates -- a whole slew of issues arise. One of the top concerns is how to avoid the cross-contamination of non-GMO and organic plants by their genetically modified brethren.

Is 'Organic Ready' corn a solution for GMO cross-contamination?

Emu oil: The Aboriginal healing miracle that should be in every medicine cabinet | Used for thousands of years by the Aborigine of Australia, emu oil treats a wide variety of skin issues, from scars to wrinkles and eczema. And yet, if we only utilize the oil topically, a whole spectrum of health benefits is missed. #naturalhealth #alternativehealth #naturalbeauty #emuoil