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a poster with instructions on how to light shaboos candles in different colors and sizes
How to Light Shabbos Candles - Staff Education
an advertisement for the talls, with instructions on how to wear it and how to use
Zitzit Archives · Mini Manna Moments
a blue and white necklace with the bible's words written on it, along with an image of a cross
Numbers Scripture Pictures
925 Sterling Silver, 925 Silver, Silver Necklace, Sterling Silver, 925 Sterling, Sterling Silver Necklaces, Pendant Necklace, Moissanite Necklace
925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Tree Pendant Necklace
an image of the different types of gems
Revelation 21, New Jerusalem Bible Scriptures - New Heavens And New Earth!
Pomegranate Pendant & Earrings
Pomegranate Pendant & Earrings
an image of a man with many different things in his hand and the words above him
The priestly garmets as described in Exodus 28 and 29
the words are written in cursive writing and have been handwritten on paper
teaching fall
an info sheet with different types of stones
Rosh Chodesh Iyar
Image result for 12 tribes of israel breastplate for high priests
a ladder filled with lit candles in the dark
CIVA Network
Ascent. We were going to use a ladder anyway this Advent season. This would be so cool on Christmas Eve!
a book cover with an image of a man standing in front of the sun,
J. Scott Husted - Books and Publications Spotlight | Lulu
Knowing God: Meat From the Mystics Daily Readings
a sign that is sitting in front of some glass doors with writing on the side
DIY Design Trends for Church Youth Spaces
Are you looking to make some upgrades to your church's youth or children's spaces? Here are seven ideas to add character through furniture and flooring.
a colorful spiral with many words in different languages on the bottom, and an image of a
Friday Five: Praying in Color
Praying in color... Very Nice! More
an info sheet showing different types of hair
the words are written in different colors and styles on a piece of paper with writing underneath it
We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
I want to be like Mary--ever faithful
six black and white script type printables
Six Black and White Scripture Printables
Six Black and White Scripture Printables: Bundle of six 8x10 scripture prints to frame for your home or office.
a woman writing on a wall with her hand in the air and words written all over it
Prayer Spaces In Schools
Your name is written on my hands.
two angel wings are hanging on the wall
PB knock-off angel wings
Angel Wings Tutorial. Pottery Barn Knock-off. They are a gorgeous work of art! Love this idea. (cardboard & paper mache)
an ornate white and gold purse with many different colored stones hanging from it's sides
AN AUSTRIAN SILVER AND 'GEM'-SET TORAH SHIELD, MAKER'S MARK SK of shield form, mounted on filigree with colored faceted paste jewels engraved and gilded with with the names of the Twelve Tribes, the base with a compartment for portion plaque (missing) now with a plaque engraved in Hebrew, Hirsch-Halberstadt, the top with chains suspending two "gems" also engraved with Hebrew inscriptions.
many lit candles are placed next to each other in different patterns and sizes, with one candle burning brightly
diy project: karen’s coffee can lanterns
Paper wrapped around glass= amazing idea
a person holding a piece of paper with some type of string attached to it
Ancient History: Tying The Tzitzit
learning about Judaism to learn about the Bible: Tying The Tzitzit
an old book with the words my life from the grave written in cursive writing
a circular stained glass window with an abstract design
Rainbow Suncatcher
Rainbow Suncatcher by Elsieland Mosaics, via Flickr - using microwave plate