Tasha Huckfeldt

Tasha Huckfeldt

I am the wife of an amazing man. I am a mother to three beautiful little girls. They are my world, my heart, my soul.
Tasha Huckfeldt
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by Corinne We don't usually get too excited about colors here at Gypsy Warrior. Once a year when Pantone releases their color of the year we relinquish our all-black wardrobes for like, a hot second, before we're back at it looking like a goth kid at a funeral. But... #black #dark #featured

If someone points at your black clothes and asks, whos funeral it is, you just look around the room and answer, "haven't decided yet."--Funny Pictures Of The Day - 32 Pics

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"You can see me?" I can't wait to do this to someone.

QUOTE, Humor: 'Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will just look at him shocked and just whisper quietly, you can see me?

#Battle of #Wits #ShawnElmore

I was hoping for a battle of wits, but you appear to be unarmed. attribute to William Shakespeare but probably much later

Most definitely…  I know I reblogged this the other day, but seriously…  Fuck that shit!

wtf: " fuck that shit" is a perfectly acceptable replacement for the word "no"

Yes this ALONE- would save you and everyone around you A FORTUNE  GYST

You know what's cheaper than therapy? Admitting you're batshit crazy and runnin' with it.

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