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Amsterdam  ·  Thuisbarista is dé website van Nederland en Belgie met het verste koffienieuws, recensies, previews en veel meer.
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2015 United States AeroPress Championship

United States AeroPress Championship - Jeremy’s Winning AeroPress Recipe - Jeremy's Winning AeroPress Recipe

2015 Slovak Aeropress Championship

Prvé infomácie o Slovak Aeropress Championship 2015 sú vonku!

2015 French Aeropress Championship

World Aeropress Championship 2015 will take place this April in Seattle and European rounds are starting in the coming days. Let us invite you by sharing posters from Poland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and Switzerland.

2015 Taiwan Aeropress Championship

A fan-made collection of different AeroPress-inspired art from around the world.

2015 Victorian Aeropress Championship

World AeroPress Championship

2015 Swedish Aeropress Championships

World Aeropress Championship

2015 Canadian Aeropress Championship

“We are so excited to host the 2015 Canadian AeroPress Championships. Don't forget March at our Roasterie!

2015 Scottish Aeropress Championship

Aeropress competition this week and we are looking forward to cheering on Dan, Kel and Kevin from McCune Smith!

2015 English Aeropress Championship

We’re very pleased to host the 2015 English Aeropress Championships on March along with Workshop Coffee.