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This rescue of a Galga thrown down a well in Spain (Spanish Greyhound), stunned me...This little girl grabbed the rope in her teeth to be pulled to safety...OMG tears, talk about the WILL to SURVIVE!! May your life be full of love and care little Cora from this day forward!!

  • David Howton

    The firemen dropped a rope down the well to see how deep it was and Cora grabbed the rope with her teeth, refused to let go. So she was pulled up just with her jaws biting down on the rope. When she finally did drop it, she licked the hands of her rescuers. ♥ I am out of words for this girl she is amazing

  • Jody Eriksson

    So amazing! ♥

Greyhound now featured on Fab.....These are wonderful animals...whippets'd think being racers they'd be all manic and hyper and hard to manage...the exact opposite is true...when they are not racing(which I don't care for ), they pile up together and lounge all over the place like the women in a great harem!!! LOL...I adore them and the wippets are just as magic...and when you look in their eyes it's almost as though they know you, and what you're thinking...close secret of breeders.

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I read a book on this exact subject written by a psychologist. The book was titled Control Theory by William Glasser M.D. Great read.

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Another Pinner Said: "Did this, can literally see my blackheads coming out now! Going to slather honey on after for a 20min facial and then repeat steam steps again." Gotta try this!

And people say history is boring...