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50 dates perfect for poor college kids or marrieds trying to save- number 25 is my favorite. These are definitely things I'd remember forever..

Not every date has to be a reservation at a restaurant and a trip to the movies. Consider spending special time together at home. For a unique stay-at-home date night idea, choose a DIY craft project to work on together, such as transforming a Paracord into a dog leash. Enjoy a relaxed meal, cooking together while listening to jazz. Take an evening stroll around the neighborhood or head to the park. Cuddle on a blanket in the backyard and star gaze. Consult eBay for more date ideas at home.

With hectic schedules and endless to-do lists, it can be easy to forget about working on your relationship with your significant other. Don’t let it slip through the cracks; it’s too important! Start by taking care of yourself and practicing self-love. Talk about your relationship openly with your partner; communication is critical for success. Consider writing in a journal together so that sharing thoughts is built into your routine. Visit eBay for 7 ways to strengthen your relationship.

Our significant others deserve a little surprise every now and then. Here are 30 fun ways to surprise them and brighten their day!

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