cute ZOMBIE cookies!!!!

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Jars of blood

Zombie-inspired recipes for the return of The Walking Dead

Z is for: Zombie Jello Shots {guest post}

Z is for: Zombie Jello Shots {guest post}

Attack of the zombie marshmallows!!!

attack of the zombie marshmallows!!! | The Decorated Cookie

Brain Cupcakes [Pic]

Brain Cupcakes [Picture]

Eye Ball Cup Fill the bottom of Pipeables dessert cup with fresh raspberry puree, layered with Raspberry and Lemon Pipeables Mousse, top with bubble gum eyeball for the total effect! Grossly delicious! Magically turn the Eye Ball into a H'Eye Ball by adding a lash of your favorite raspberry liquor.

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Zombie Chocolates

Zombie Head Candies Come With Cherry Goop For Brains

eyeball cookies, bones

Halloween Recipes

Flayed skin cheeseball

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Easy Halloween Recipes and Presentation Ideas

zombie cuisine

The Lost Ann-Mi - zombie cuisine on yay!everyday

Zombie Pops

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This would be awesome for a zombie party!

Brooklyn Limestone: Eek! Halloween 2009

DIY halloween radish eyeball with olive ...peel radish...leave just a little red... make small hole, put half olive ...pour water and freeze

An Eyeball Highball - Martha Stewart Food

Halloween Party soda labels

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High School Graduation Party Ideas | decoration ideas graduation party | Home Decoration Ideas

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Zombie Apocalypse Dessert Table

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Antoinette Zapata

Zombie party decoration?

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Melting Head Cake

Melting Head Cake | Do it myself!

zombie cookie cutter!

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shrimp brain

Bloody Brain, Recipe from Web, October 2010

tapeworm sandwich

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Severed Finger Cookies - these are amazing I have to make them for Halloween!

Severed Finger Cookies


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