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Ticiano Vieira
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Tube Screamer Art by Marcos Cabrera > http://www.marcoslatragedia.com

Tube screamer By:marcotragedia

Post by our friends at @mens_fashion_  cool #leatherjacket [ http://ift.tt/1f8LY65 ]

A regret I have is not buying my motorcycle jacket in maroon.or am I happier that I brought classic black?because TOM FORD had a maroon leather jacket that I'm SO in love with.

Qué buena combinación, un outfit atrevido, masculino, moderno y colorido!!!

Busy days call for a simple yet stylish outfit, such as a black leather jacket and red casual trousers. Charcoal suede derby shoes will bring a classic aesthetic to the ensemble.

look xadrez para festas juninas (12)

When it comes to men’s fashion, a lot has changed over the years. The male community has matured a great deal about carrying themselves be.