Hahaha!!  That's just wrong!

LOL sayings! Quote, funny, haha: 'You made me laugh so hard - Tears ran down my leg'

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Funny Friendship Ecard: We'll be best friends forever because you already know too much. So true for my Bestie Kim and I!


This is so true! I look at stuff I wish I had for my wedding and def. stuff I can't afford for a house but a girl can dream!

The more I look at this, the more I giggle!

The Godbaby: “Get in the car, now, Gladys!” Gladys: “Whatcha’ gonna do about it?

21st birthday cake. OMG. Hahaha. This is terrible..

Drunk Barbie Cake - Wow, this was my birthday cake my roomie made me :) haha it's a good idea. Make me laugh!

Brought to you by Tickled Pink Homes. http://tickledpinkhomes.com  Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life...

Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life

Funny pictures about Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life. Oh, and cool pics about Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life. Also, Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life.

The cone of shame.

Honest Vet Sign

Animal Hospital Humor: It's all fun and games until somebody ends up in a cone. I do not like the Cone of Shame.

Good name for a wireless network

If I can I'm going to rename my wi-fi network this just to mess with my nosey neighbors!


Remember As Far As Anyone Knows We're A Nice Normal Family vinyl wall decals lettering sayings quote stickers

I don't like Nutella


Me all the time. It's funny how after an argument is over, you start to think about all the clever shit you could ahve said

Hey cat! hahaha

Funny pictures about Imma boop your head! Oh, and cool pics about Imma boop your head! Also, Imma boop your head!

funny text messages - Bing Images

A bunch of funny text messages. Screen captures of text message fails, auto correct and more. So funny.

HAHA!  I think I have to pin this twice! Once for the laugh & once for organizing. LOL

Love this idea for the laundry for those stray socks we all have. Department of Missing Socks "No Sock Left Behind"