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Like No Other: In the Ladies Room

Our matching tattoos #infinity #coupletattoos #anniversarytattoo

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Wedding tree. This would be cute to add color to the names and date.

Bespoke tree / Alefs in Wonderland

that’s a tattoo idea! | Tattoo Ideas Central

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All aboard! Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond / Mail Online

Don’t Make Me Come Back There…

This Happens Every Time When I Watch the AFHV.


You forgot my birthday and tried to pretend you thought it was the next day. Thank God for Facebook, right?

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forgot my birthday - Bing Images

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If someone forget your birthday, take it as a compliment. You must have not aged enough to be noticed.

Birthday Quotes and Sayings: Funny, Witty, Romantic, and Wise

Happens All The Time At The Restaurant

True story. my home will have way more little spoons than big spoons. just a couple in case they are necessary for something im not thinking of

The only time I use them…

Why is this hilarious?

Hungry tree... - The Meta Picture

How funny!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 55 Pics

MacGyver ain't got nothin' on you. | 10 Signs You've Been A Respiratory Therapist Too Long

10 Signs You've Been A Respiratory Therapist Too Long

9 east!

Gomerblog's Memes - Medical Satire - GomerBlog

Ohh the struggle

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 81 Pics


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You're so right about your usage of you that.

I liked this design on #Fab. You Had Me At You're Tee

What did you do that made a difference today? Great message (I noticed that this person put the apostrophe in the wrong place. Which is driving me nuts! Sorry, just had to point it out.)

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WHY do we INSIST on making things complicated?? So much of the heartache, angst & hurt feelings are simply because we make things so much more complicated than they really are. ... It drives me nuts! I try really hard NOT to complicate things as I hate unnecessary drama & angst, so I just put it out there. If I feel it I say it or do it. Yes, it gets me into trouble sometimes but not because I didn't TRY to uncomplicate things. If you feel it, SAY IT or DO IT, at least THEN you'll know!

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thats because you have been downgraded and I have blocked you from seeing anything... Just unfriend me already

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Why are you talking to me?!?!? Don't you see the book? Not available for conversation!

Problems of a Book Nerd


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ughh, this is my number one pet peeve...... so for the millionth time: you SAW it; NOT you SEEN it!!!!!

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Hate that "I seen" :(

Food Stamp Prejudice