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Tide Keepsies

After you clean your clothes, help us clean the planet. Upcycle your Tide liquid bottles into a #TideKeepsies to reduce plastic waste.
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How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle Into a DIY Bird Feeder: (1) Rinse bottles thoroughly. (2) Cut out and drill holes in front and back of bottle. Drill hole in top center of lid. (3) Prime bottle. (4) Spray paint bottle. (5) Cut CD into pieces and hot glue to bottle. (6) Add sealant spray. (7) Attach rope by knotting at one end and pulling through bottle. Place wooden dowel through drill holes.

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How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle Into a DIY Woven Knitting Basket: (1)Rinse bottle. Remove label. (2)Paint over label remnants with red-ish orange acrylic paint. (3)Draw line around bottle 4 1/8” from bottom, and where you need to cut holes. Place painter’s tape around bottle, ¼” from bottom and along top line. Cut 3.5” vertical slits around basket about 3/8” apart. (4)Cut out holes. Remove painter’s tape. (5)Weave basket. (6)Pull ribbons inside basket. Tie knots. (7)Get knitting, and recycling.

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How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle Into a DIY Star Shooter: (1) Rinse bottles thoroughly. (2) Cut out bottle bottom. (3) Prime bottle. (4) Spray paint bottle. (5) Add strips of metallic tape. (6) Cut out stars and moons from glow-in-the-dark tape. Add to bottle. (7) Insert flashlight. (8) Add studs with hot glue to flashlight and bottle. Add Velcro to bottle bottom. (9) Cut ovals from black construction paper. Cut out desired constellation. Glue colored film to back side of paper.

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How to Upcycle Tide Bottles Into a DIY Hanging Safari Planter: (1)Rinse bottles. Cut spouts and ears from extra-large Tide bottles. (2)Drill 2 holes in front and 1 in back. Cut 1 diagonal slit on each side. Remove bottle bottom. (3)Prime. Then paint with spot color. Let dry. (4)Add painter’s tape cutouts. (5)Paint with topcoat. Let dry. (6)Remove tape. (7)Hot glue on ears and horns. (8)String rope. (9)Cut sponge into a doughnut. Place inside over spout. Add ¼” soil, seeds, then, more soil.

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How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle Into a DIY Watering Can: (1) Rinse bottle thoroughly to clear out excess detergent. Then remove label with hot water, soap and a sponge. (2) Drill holes in lid. (3) Hot glue eyes and ears to bottle. (4) Cut 5” quarter-circles from felt and paper. (5) Place the felt on top of the paper, hot-glue them together, and make a cone. (6) Attach two 6” flaps to the cone and tie it to the bottle handle. (7) Let Piggycorn help you take care of your flowers, and recycle.

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How to Upcycle Tide Bottles Into a DIY Plastic Bag Holder: (1) Rinse bottles. Draw lines for tusk holes, lid, hinge slits, ear slits and hook hole on one bottle. Draw ears and lid hinge on second. (2) Cut out pieces. Remove spouts from second and third bottle. (3) Prime bottle and pieces with white spray primer. (4) Paint bottle and pieces with acrylic paint. (5) Hot glue tusks through front holes. Attach ears. (6) Paint face. (7) Attach hinge piece to back hinge slit and lid hinge slit.

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How to Upcycle Tide Bottles Into a DIY Curtain: (1) Rinse bottles thoroughly. Draw circle on front and back of bottle for wedge pieces, and diamond shapes on the sides. (2) Cut out pieces. (3) Lay out desired pattern. (4) Drill holes in top and bottom of diamonds, and in all four corners of the wedges. (5) Prime pieces. (6) Paint pieces with acrylic spray paint. (7) Attach curtain hooks. Then hang and enjoy the shade.

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How to Upcycle Tide Bottles Into a DIY Chandelier: (1) Rinse bottles. Draw circle around top part of orange bottle. Draw different sized circles on bottles. (2) Cut off top of orange bottle. Cut out circles. Drill 8 holes around top. Punch 1 hole on top and bottom of large & medium circles. Punch hole on top of small circles. (3) Attach brass rings to chandelier base. Connect first circles. (4-6) Connect next row of circles with brass fasteners. (7) Place chandelier on light fixture.

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How to Upcycle a Tide Bottle Into a DIY Thingy Bank: (1) Rinse bottle. Drill leg holes on flat side. (2) Cut money deposit slit. (3) Spray prime white. (4) Spray paint lavender. (5) Paint black chalkboard both sides. (6) Place screws in leg holes. (7) Hot glue pipe cleaners to bottle. Twist together. (8) Cut wings from white felt and cardboard. Hot glue together, then to bottle. (9) Cut mouth from felt. Hot glue mouth and eyes to the bottle. Then get saving, and recycling.

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How to Upcycle Tide Bottles Into a DIY Bookends: (1) Rinse bottles. Draw line along curved edge of front and back label. (2) Cut along line. (3) Add green circle to one. Add black construction paper circle to the other. (4) Add a yellow circle to green one. Add googly eyes to black circle. (5) Add orange circle to yellow one. Add more eyes to black circle. (6) Add red circle to orange one. Add more eyes to black circle. (7) Clean up your bookcase, and recycle.

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