lil jokerr

lil jokerr

"i am hoo i am.. take it or leev it" "i may not alwaze sey watcha wana hear.. but ile alwaze sey wat needs to b sed" "truth hurts but lies can kill" "imma b
lil jokerr
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A humorous look at the dark side of Astrology and the negative traits of the Zodiac

i have these traits

It's not your fault you are a terrible person. It's written in the stars. No matter what sign you are; you are destined to be a horrible human being. A humorous look at the darker side of Astrology.

The Dark Side of the Astrological Sign Leo (humor)-that is so true.

The Reasons You Are an Awful Person According to Astrology

The Dark Side of Capricorn Astrology (Humor)- yeahhh I can agree lol- boring when it comes to some things but not everything though! We got crazy minds!