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The picture does not do these earrings justice. They are much more beautiful in person. Good quality. They really look like angel wings. I am not one to write reviews, but these were so nice I just had to share. These will make a lovely gift for a young girl to an older woman. They look like they cost a lot more. You won't go wrong with this purchase!

I ordered these expecting to get a decent quality diamond and to my pleasant surprize they were far beyond decent, these diamonds have the look of very expensive diamonds, the sparkle is brilliant and the settings are perfect, the screw back posts insure they won't come out while showering or doing your daily routines, I highly recommend these to everyone who wants excellent quality diamond studs at a more than reasonable cost.

Really good chain! The clasp is strong and the steel is looks quite nice. For the quality and price..this is fantastic.

Wow! That is all I can say. My dry, over-processed hair is so beautiful again! It is soft, and I have NOTHING in my hair (no product, hair spray, etc.). Feels liberating! I feel like a model! My hair swings, is bouncy, and soft. If you color your hair, you MUST try! $38.95

Wow! That is all I can say. My dry, over-processed hair is so beautiful again! It is soft, and I have NOTHING in my hair (no product, hair spray, etc.). Feels liberating! I feel like a model! My hair swings, is bouncy, and soft. If you color your hair, you MUST try! $38.95

These earrings are cute and overall, the individual pieces of cubic zirconia on them seem like they will stay in place for awhile (but I just received them in the mail).

I purchased this ring for myself. I LOVED it!!! The stone was beautiful. I know it is hard to buy jewelry online. I have had great satisfaction with my jewelry purchases through Amazon.

Unbelievably good for the price. I do not normally write reviews, but this product had to be shared. After receiving the first one and seeing the amazing quality, I bought a second for a gift.

These are perfect for one of my maids of honor to wear with our Peacock-blue bridesmaid dresses. They make a statement without being too loud.

These earrings are delicate, lovely and pretty. The tanzenite is very lite but wears beautifully and people notice. I have a lot of tanzanite that cost more but I am delighted with this delicate and feminine pair of earring.

This earring is genuine swarovski. I have purchased what was supposed to be swarovski crystal from another seller and it does not have the true glitter as this one does. This pair picks up the light from all angles, the other one does not.

Dress looks great on anyone!! I didn't want to believe in the "one size fits all" but its really true. My friends tried it on and it fit on both of them!

White and Gold bikini

I'd read that this works better than 150.00 creams so I decided to give it a try. I like it a lot. I don't know what other reviewers are talking about when they say they don't like the aroma. I find it has very little, it's not a bad scent and I can't smell anything while I'm wearing it. Anyway, I recommend this product. $19.99

The earrings that I got were perfect for my wife, perfect for everyday wear. The price was absolutely the best for the quality of the diamonds I was looking for.

I love the way the boot fits and feels. Nice leather. I get a lot of compliments on them. The arch support could be better but overall it's a very nice-looking and great-feeling boot. Very glad I bought them!

These earrings and necklace was for my mother's 50th bday, 7/11. She look them, they earring was a little small but pair with the necklace it looks elgant.

It's hard to review jewelry so I'll just say it's very pretty. The gems are on the small size. 3 carats spread across 6 stones gives you some relatively small stones. Still very much worth the price.

Originally I bought raw shea butter from a street vendor, ladies, waste no more money on high end product, this is natural, very inexpensive and is EXCELLENT - I am naturally olive toned however years in the sun produced age spots and as I began to tone my weight my face was sagging, I didn't really notice at first the good it was doing, I have no laugh lines, no sun frowny marks, spots are lighter and less noticable and I use this on virtually everything!!!! $5.30

I just finished using Lancome Genifique which did a good job. However, Youth Code leaves my face feeling and looking better than Genifique. I would recommend it to women of any age. So far so good (after using it for 13 days).

This sampler is absolutely wonderful and absolutely perfect after cutting one's nails. The Grapeseed Oil and Honey handcream is perhaps the best smelling cosmetic I've ever used, and the lemon butter cuticle cream feels wonderful. $15.50

I love that this product is organic, but the shampoo and conditioner don't go as far as I would like them to go. I try to wash my hair as little as possible, and I find it harder to do that with this product. I would definitely buy this over any non-organic shampoo and conditioner, though. $38

OMG I can't believe how well this product REALLY works. I saw it on a TV show a few weeks ago and I thought OK I'll try it. It Really works. I look so much more refreshed and at least 10 years younger! The bags are GONE!

Great party dress!