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The Princess Bride Prepare to Die Party Game << I don't know what it is but it looks amazing.

The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die! Party Game


The Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life


A Mississippi woman’s Bible illustrations helped her get through a difficult time in her life, and the powerful story behind the pages is what brought her to share them on social media. So far, her...

MS woman's Bible illustrations go viral


My Student Loans are GONE. I was able to pay off around $38,000 in student loans in just seven months. Yes, 7 MONTHS!

My Student Loans are GONE


Fun Psychology facts here!

Psychology Facts


How to Fly Your Texas Flag: A Visual Guide to Flag Etiquette, brought to you by No. 4 St. James and Texas Humor.

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Set the mood for reading with faux candles near a big comfy chair.

14 Cozy Reading Nooks to Burrow in This Fall


This Is the Coolest Thing You Can Do With Your Baby's Old Onesies


Wrap “open when” gifts for the new parent’s most trying moments. | 17 Meaningful Gifts To Give At Baby Showers

17 Meaningful Gifts To Give At Baby Showers


I've probably pinned this a thousand times... but it just gets funnier every time I see it xD



You can remember the value of Pi by counting each word's letter in "May I have a large container of coffee."

1000 Life Hacks


Which U.S. state has the smallest soft drinks? Minisoda

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My Bible reading plan: Chronologically (the order in which events happened, not in the order they were written)...JAN-MARCH

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Psalm 116:1-2

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Tiffany Boerner

Last year's list was great. I can't wait to start this year's. - Take 2016's Ultimate Reading Challenge!

Take 2016's Ultimate Reading Challenge!


Psalm 56:3

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Writing the Word is a simple devotional discipline. It's a habit allowing you to go deep into God's Word instead of passively reading through. Simple and effective, this written discipline has completely transformed my faith and will transform yours too!

Writing the Word: How a Simple Discipline Transformed My Faith - Creative Home Keeper


Perfect analogous color scheme for a soothing pattern of purples and blues. #extremeBeauty #photography

Top 10 Wonderful Flower Photos – Top Inspired


Thank God even when we do not get what we want

Thanks You Lord Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Thoughts on God


Took awhile and many lessons along the way.

@eatingdisorder_warrior on Instagram: “Eating Disorder Recovery #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #keepmovingforward #fightingfreedom #beyourownhero #recoveryispossible…”


This Chambray Top is a Must-Have this season! Featuring a casual, relaxed style and lightweight feel with modern appearance. A button front with cute front pocket details and an adjustable cuffs to roll up sleeves! Chambray Top/ Modest Top/ Trendy Modest Clothes/ Chambray/ Modest Clothing/ Modest Fashion #sierrabrookeclothing

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A Prayer for your Relationships. Even the hard ones.

A Prayer for your Relationships | Mary DeMuth


A woman's heart musty be so buried in Gods heart that a man must seek Him to find her

20 Quotes for Single Women and Teens