Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

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Outdoor scavenger hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids
  • Jason Strong
    Jason Strong

    I've been online trying to figure out some treasure hunt ideas, and this helped a ton. It's awesome to see all the really cool and creative ideas that are out there to help people have a good treasure hunt. I'm excited to come up with one and share it with others. http://www.partiesandpatter...

  • Jessica Janicki
    Jessica Janicki

    Thank you!

  • Israel Katz
    Israel Katz

    this is super cool, I made a less cool treasure hunt app mainly for indoor and for smaller kids 4-8 more or less... but it is fun and keep the kids busy :-) for mroe details check the video at

  • caitlin hamilto
    caitlin hamilto


  • carie

    students enjoy this great activity, thank you!

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Ideas for how to make clues for a scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Clues - How to Write Scavenger Hunts
  • Jackie Hartje
    Jackie Hartje

    thanks for the good ideas.

  • Bill Kawa
    Bill Kawa

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  • Deb Langenau,LCSW
    Deb Langenau,LCSW

    great idea thanks

nouns scavenger hunt

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Nouns and Mudge :)

Scavenger hunts for kids

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Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Printable Zoo Scavenger Hunt - I Can Teach My Child!
  • First Kids
    First Kids

    Link does not work :( Super cute idea

  • Bill Kawa
    Bill Kawa

    Check out the NEW GDT APP on the Google Play Store.

My Delicious Ambiguity: Scavenger Hunts For Kids With Free Printables

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Scavenger hunt for attributes. Great describing and classification activity!

Two Simple Scavenger Hunts for Kids

PreKandKSharing: Travel Activities For Kids....and a freebie! What to do on those long road trips.

beach day: acrostic poems.

Erica's Ed-Ventures: Pool or Beach Acrostic Poems

Cute Kids snack!! Bears at the Beach (blue jello, vanilla pudding, gummi bears, & umbrella)

"Bears at the Beach" summertime snack | Chickabug

A piece of my It's Beach Time! unit!

Beach Time Sentence Scramble Freebie

Free Summer Scavenger Hunt Printable from Love Bakes Good Cakes

Summer Scavenger Hunt Printable | Love Bakes Good Cakes

Paint chip scavenger hunt

Come Together Kids: Paint Swatch Scavenger Hunt
  • Sue Karis
    Sue Karis

    Great idea

  • Katie Lippold
    Katie Lippold

    I took this great idea one step farther. Using different edged craft scissors, I cut the corners and hid them around the backyard. Each colored card may be cut but you need to find the exact match (to be tapes as completed!). An added twist which became totally kid approved!

Printable scavenger hunt for walks

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Treasure Hunt from Harvesting Kale

Harvesting Kale: Montessori Monday: Treasure Hunt

Ideas for more than 10 fun treasure hunt games for toddlers & preschoolers

Little Family Fun: Easy Treasure Hunt Games for preschoolers

For Write the Room: change out "hunts" each week (initial sounds, final sounds, word families, etc).

Summer Reading Ideas: Alphabet & Phonics Activities

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Counting Coconuts: Island Scavanger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

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scavenger hunt

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas | Fantasy Jr.

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Classroom scavenger hunt

School Scavenger Hunt Lists | Classroom Jr.
  • Joyce Rosen
    Joyce Rosen

    For My Grand Chidren

Scientific Scavenger Hunt

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scavenger hunt

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business