My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

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After a few days of so-called "coincidental twinning" it became obvious to Quinoa that her beloved au pair Fontanelle was, in fact, stealing her intellectual property. #MIWDTD #HowToQuinoa

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Sometimes January 2nd is tough for Quinoa because she's already accomplished all of her New Year's goals. #MIWDTD #HowToQuinoa

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Quinoa is very good at setting boundaries. For example, in order for everyone to admire her outfit, she had them take three steps back and form a nice semi-circle. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

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There was an awkward moment at Coachella when Quinoa took her new assistant Fleek into the pop-up forest installation and explained that an acorn sash should never be worn with a gilded bird and where was he raised anyway, at Kohls? #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

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While it's too soon to say where it will lead or what it means, Quinoa did accept Boursin's invitation to go get ombre lowlights and kale smoothies together. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

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Though she's never been accused of being an optimist, Quinoa does tend to look at life through hexagonal designer glasses. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

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In spite of Quinoa's constant direction and feedback, Teavana clearly wasn't equipped to assume the role and pressures of Second Rabbit. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

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For her 70s themed playdate, Quinoa invited her friends Jeroboam and Meridian to come over and contemplate disillusionment. #MIWDTD #HowToQuinoa

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After the dishes, the cabinets, the stool and the refrigerator, Quinoa spotted the only thing left in the kitchen for her to distress: the staff. #MIWDTD #HowToQuinoa

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Quinoa and her friends Rhapsody and Periwinkle have started a coffeehouse band called Smashed Cucumber Salad. #MIWDTD

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