tattoo in memory of parents  My parents signature and "love you" messages

"I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them". If I ever get a tattoo, something like this from my dad what a sweet idea.

I usually don't like thigh tattoos, but this is cute. It says "Curiosity often leads to trouble" from Alice and Wonderland

"Curiosity often leads to trouble" - Alice in Wonderland tattoo= never will get a tattoo but i love the quote!

Cute matching heart tattoos

This would be the coolest 'best friends' tattoo. Heart on the toe.

Amazing saying

Give me strength when I’m standing and Faith when I fall. seriously in love with this. Font size and idea.

Love this courage and unity.    “Left: puzzle piece, symbol for Autism. Right: signature of my 20 year old sister, Caitlin--her handwriting. She’s severely Autistic and is an inspiration in my life. She can’t talk, take care of herself, or live a normal life, but she is one of the happiest people I know. If she can be that happy with so little, then I sure as hell can be happy just for being able to talk! It’s just a constant reminder that things could be worse.”

On my left wrist is a puzzle piece, which is the symbol for Autism. On my right wrist is the signature of my 20 year old sister, Caitlin, in her handwriting. She’s severely Autistic. "It’s just a constant reminder that things could be worse.


[[Pretty cool, i'd never have it done though]] This was a tattoo a friend of mine asked me to do for him, he is a big Toy Story fan and it fits his personality perfectly (y) it also hurt him a lot, haha.

Tattoo Idea!

Flying bird and we only part to meet again quote tattoo on side body. I kinda love this. A lot of people come to mind that I can't wait to meet again.

Love life faith - LOOOOOVE the life part

Love, Life, Faith - love the design.this would be cool for a nurse to provide care with love, save lives and have faith

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