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Tried and True Chocolate Chip Cookies are the very best chocolate chip cookie recipe! No more flat cookies. Perfect cookies every single time.

Printable "Dusty"

Dusty Crophopper is a single-propeller plane from Propwash Junction. Come check out and have fun coloring this beautiful sheet from the Planes Disney's film!

The Story of Easter for Little Ones

***UPDATED Felt Board Easter Activity with the Jesus Story Book Bible Last year, I remember the difficulty in trying to explain Easter to a group of preschoolers and this year with my son, …

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ: Easter Resurrection Idea

Easter Resurrection Balloon Idea - object lesson on how Christ takes away our sins

Lesson on Sharing the Burden- why we do chores

YourLifeUncommon: FHE OBJECT LESSON {Sharing the Burden} love this idea.I'm sure I can use a scripture from the Bible instead :)