Emergency preparedness candle kits Quite a while ago our ward did Emergency preparedness candle kits but I of course didn’t do them that night I was a big procrastinator and just barely got mine done. For these kits you need a wide mouthed canning jar (with lid and ring) 4 candles (like the one in …

Emergency Candle kits - craftyourself.com


How to Make a Solar Oven - DIY Projects - Natural Home & Garden

How to Make a Solar Oven


How to escape zip ties. Every girl should know this information. Good to know. Scary stuff.

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Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist | Gander Mountain : Checklistsr : Free Standard Shipping from Gander Mountain. Some restrictions apply.

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Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used By The Mormon Pioneers - cool book! Love his blog too.

Backyard Renaissance with Caleb Warnock


Best Pin Ever. EVER!! Random Acts of Christmas Kindness to do at Christmastime. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!

random acts of christmas kindness :: summary


Emergency Car Toilet-put it in your car and it's ready when you need it by FoodStorageMoms.com

Emergency Car Toilet - Food Storage Moms


Homestead Landscaping: wood storage rack. this might be necessary

How to Build a Wood Storage Rack | eHow


Grab and Go Binder contains: birth certificates, passports, marriage license, baptism/confirmation records, ss cards, school records and diplomas. Vaccination records (if you do those). Vehicle ownership, cc statement, insurance policy #. Checking saving statement, retirement statement, lease. Important phone numbers and address.

Build your Grab and Go Binder | Apartment Prepper


Awesome stories. Includes Baby 72 Hr kit, Car emergency kit, family 72 hour kit, home 72 hr kit and tips of the elderly.

72 Hour Survival Kit


suggestions for emergency car kit

Car Trunk Organizer - Martha Stewart Home & Garden


Make a 72 hour kit with this weekly checklist - add one product a week for 52 weeks. This makes it easy!

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Buddy Burner and Coffee Can Stove

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Best fire starter ever from recycled materials. Another way to store dryer lint for a fire starter

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Family preparedness binder - great list of items as pdf at the bottom of the page

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How to Make a 16 Brick Rocket Stove

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The Case for Medical Preparedness... Water - check Food - check, check Ammo - check, check, check LIfe-Threatening Diarrhea?.... uhmmm, didn't plan for that!

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Family preparedness binder - great list of items as pdf at the bottom of the page

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meals in a jar (just add water) keep for 5 years without refrigeration

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How to Cook During an Economic Depression, Depression Recipes and Cooking #recipes cooking #cooking tips #cooking guide| http://recipescookinglukas.blogspot.com

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FamilyShare.com l How to create an #emergency #family meeting place #emergency preparedness

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This is the ultimate multi-purpose food processor it uses no electricity. Originally designed by an Amish gentleman to stand up to the rigorous processing of large amounts of foods for large Amish families and gatherings, the Little Dutch Maid is built for commercial use.

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Best fire starter ever from recycled materials!

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Single use ointment/toothpaste/lotion/etc. put it in a straw. Heat your pliers and seal it shut. Hole punch and throw on a key chain inside your first aid kit/ toiletry bag/ purse / backpack. Great for camping, hiking, or traveling.

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A pediatrician explains her emergency kit. This is hard to think about but really good information

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