I can't believe that I went ALL last week without real coffee. (That French Press coffee isn't coffee.Anything I have to swirl so I don't have mud when I finish, isn't coffee.

Vintage Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorial | Pretty Prudent

vintage pillowcase nightgown tutorial My sweet pea could use some for the summer months. have tons of pillow cases

Welcome sister you are my best friend also | My Quotes Home - Quotes About Inspiration

I don't know where to start, myou guys the most best sisters(best friends) I can ever ask for. You guys are there for me! I miss you guys every step of the way. Thanks for being my unbiological sister guys:)

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Today's heat has me more hot and bothered than a lonely housewife reading Fifty Shades of Grey at a Magic Mike screening. It's funny because soooo many woman I know have been talking about Fifty Shades and Magic Mike.