I have been wanting to put some ivy in my kitchen windows...so English Ivy it is :) Plants that clean air "This means these types of houseplants may just decrease your risk of cancers, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders and other diseases."


Painted rocks for garden markers. What a lovely sustainably-minded way to mark out your veg: the materials already exist, you could use up all those left-over dollops of house paint for the backgrounds, and you can use them for years and years. I love it!


Vou tentar este ano, assim as toupeiras me deixem. Interesting Plant: Parisian Carrots


Vintage Spoon Parsley Plant Marker

This plant marker is made from a repurposed vintage spoon. It is hand drawn in archival ink and sealed with a polyurethane varnish. Add some vintage flair to your garden or give it as a gift!