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Learning a flip turn. I haven't done one of these since I was about 15 years old. This is something I need to work on!


4 Swimming Drills to Perfect Your Stroke

4 Swimming Drills to Perfect Your Stroke. Getting better at #swimming is going to make a huge difference at #Ironman Chattanooga.


7 Open Water Swimming Tips You Didn't Know

Step Don't do it because sea weed is just plain creepy :P If you find yourself signed up for an open water swim race, just go fast and wait for it to be over :P

Staying loose and strong are essential for efficient swimming. These four poses strike the perfect balance.

Yoga Poses for Swimmers

Yoga Poses for Swimmers: If swimming is one of your favorite cardio exercises, you probably suffer from tight shoulders and a tense upper back. Here are some yoga moves to stretch, strengthen, and open those areas.