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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


Love Tunic Set

Love Tunic Set: starting at just $11.70 this week only!


Lilly Pulitzer Baby Blanket~Lilly Pulitzer Blanket~Baby Girl~Patchwork Quilt~Photo Prop~Let's Cha Cha~Pink~Green~Blue~Yellow~Purple~Aqua

Over 2 years have gone by since I had my son, and boy do I wish I had known better when it came to my baby registry. I mean, sure, first time mom's all go through the learning experience the same way. You don't REALLY know what to expect no matter what everyone tells you. Now, fast forward a couple years and I made a small list of items that I didn't have for my first baby. And you better believe each of these things will be in my shopping cart when I decide to have another baby! I don'...

Advice for New Dads

Great advice for new dads from a first time father, with everything you need to know to make it through those sleepless, scary and adjustment filled days!

Top 10 Things Every New Dad Should Know

New Dad Advice - 10 thing every dad-to-be and new dad should know. A dad weighs in on what he wish he new in his child's early weeks, months and years. Get tons of parenting advice at

Hygiene for Newborns: Tips for First-Time Parents

You can control certain factors that ultimately influence whether you will have a boy or a girl. Three factors that you can control are what you eat, when you have intercourse, and what positions you use to have intercourse. Read more about that in here à

First Time Parents: Dos and Don'ts

Such a lifesaver for first time parents! I totally agree, taking parenthood one day at a time is essential! #ad @seventhgen